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Santorini Island – A Greek Paradise


Santorini is an ancient island, famous for its white-painted houses with blue domed roofs, breathtaking sunsets, ancient vineyards, and volcanic craters. These things make the island a wonderful romantic getaway for any couple. There are plenty of activities to undertake on Santorini Island –explore the volcanic caldera by boat, visit a local village, swim at a black sand beach, or watch a brilliant sunset from Oia.

As you arrive in Santorini, you will see all of your postcard pictures of this Greek island come to life and understand why this island is referred to as the “treasure of Greece”.

Here are some famous attractions of Santorini Island that you can explore on your own:


Tour the Caldera

Visiting the ancient volcanic caldera and hot springs by boat is a blissful trip with amazing views. You will discover a volcanic island with large pieces of magma releasing fiery-hot fumes into the air before heading over to the hot springs to swim in the warm, sulphurous waters.


Sunset in Oia

Spend the day exploring the small village of Oia. The picture-perfect, white-washed houses with blue domed roofs set an enchanting scene. In the evening, Oia is the most popular spot on Santorini Island for watching the sunset. Visit the Oia Castle to enjoy splendid sunset views in a magical setting.

Explore the Beaches

Santorini beaches have distinct geographical features and are quite different than other Greek beaches. The red and black sand seashores and lofty cliffs give the island an intensely beautiful and colourful appearance. Red beach, Perivolos (a black sand beach), Vlychada, and Kamari are the most popular beaches of Santorini Island.


Discover the Wineries

Santorini is an ancient breeding ground for grapes and therefore has a lot of great wineries. A wine-tasting tour will let you discover the unique vineyards and traditional wine cellars of Santorini Island.


Akrotiri Archaeological Site

Akrotiri is one of most important and captivating archaeological sites of Greece. It contains a 20th century Minoan town where you can still see the streets, buildings, stairs, well preserved Minoan pottery, and frescoes of the ancient Minoan town.


Town of Fira

Fira, the main town of Santorini, is known as the cultural and commercial hub of the island. From museums to shopping centers, there are many cultural things to do and see in Fira. It is also the nightlife destination of Santorini Island, with many cafes, bars, and clubs.


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