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Sustainable Tourism is the Best Way to Go

Sustainable Tourism - a group of tourists and localsMany different travel concepts like Responsible Travel, Voluntouring and Eco-Tourism come to mind when we think about Sustainable Tourism. 

Travellers invest a lot of time, money and effort finding the perfect trip to exotic destinations across the world. Sometimes we take into account what impact we are having on the environment and the communities in which we travel, while other times it just passes us by. The good news is that everyone can start making an effort to become a conscious and responsible traveller today. If we all work together to build a collective consciousness, then it will be easier to find sustainable travel options around the globe.

As we travel, we look for exciting experiences and want to make the most out of our time. Sustainable travel options can be meaningful and fulfilling ways to experience a foreign country and truly get to know a different side of the local culture.

Responsible Tourism

Everyone can practice responsible tourism while they travel by minimising all negative social, economic and environmental impacts in the country affected. Shopping for hand-crafted goods at a local marketplace and eating at family-run restaurants can help maximise economic benefit for local villagers by supporting their businesses and creating more job opportunities. Making positive contributions to foundations or local conservation projects can also be a fulfilling way to respect the local environments. Simply by being sensitive to the local cultures and people and respecting their norms and way of life is the easiest way to travel responsibly. 


Ecotourism options are a great way to immerse yourself in pristine natural landscapes and experience natural wonders while travelling. Ecotourism activities can include hiking to a waterfall in the jungle, visiting a well-preserved national park or snorkelling in a protected marine environment or coral reef. 


Voluntourism is a great way to give back to the communities in which you travel by staying a few extra days, weeks or even months to participate in a volunteer program. Teaching English at a children’s school, working at an orphanage, building houses, offering educational workshops or helping to create basic infrastructure in a village are just a few of the ways you can help out by volunteering.