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Tel Aviv – Cosmopolitan & Vibrant City


Trendy, liberal, dynamic, modern, arty are some common words often used to describe many places in the world but they stands completely true for Tel Aviv, the second largest city in Israel. Located on the Mediterranean coastline of Israel, this metropolitan & holy city has grown relatively quickly over the years, defying all stereotypes. The urban life of the city is a surprising experience for visitors.


Although Tel Aviv is usually a hot city but the best way to see the city at your own pace is to either walk your way around or go on a bicycle tour on long cycling tracks laid across the city. Roaming along the coast line and swerving into streets and lanes is a great way to explore this gorgeous city. It is unlikely to get lost in this city, as the glowing deep blue Mediterranean Sea can be easily located within few kilometres from almost every part of the city.


Right next to Tel Aviv is the ancient port town of Jaffa. It is one of the oldest towns across Middle East and has a strong connection with Tel Aviv. This port has been a trade destination since the Bronze Age and almost every major world empire such as Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, British and many more have traded here. Hence this place is brimming with diverse textiles, arts & architecture from the ancient to modern times. This old town is rather stylish and offers numerous cafes, restaurants, museums, galleries, arts etc.


Not too far away from Jaffa lies the ‘White City’, Tel Aviv’s UNESCO world heritage site. A cluster of white Bauhaus-era buildings designed by the Jews, gives this place the title of ‘White City.’ Thousands of these buildings have been restored and given rapid fusion changes in their structures. You will be captivated by the modern, art deco and eclectic style of architecture across Tel Aviv. Many short term tours are available for those looking to get the feel of the picturesque buildings of the city.


With wide avenues, roadside shops & cafes, musicians floating out of bars, people jogging or playing paddleball on the beachside, the city is infused with recreational feel everywhere. The city offers some of the best beaches in the country, with broad clean stretches of white sand bustling with people and enticing sea views.


Another tourist attraction is the numerous shopping options that Tel Aviv has to offer. An array of contrasting shops and markets makes a fascinating sight. From Chic boutiques to flea markets to malls, Tel Aviv has a lot to offer for all kinds of shoppers. Shuk Hapishpishim, is the popular flea market where you can discover everything from antiques to clothes and jewellery to furniture. It also offers some of the best shopping malls located all around the city.


Another highlight of Tel Aviv is its appetizing delicacies. Food lovers can take a tour of the centrally located market of Shuk HaCarmel, known for trendy bars, coffee shops and food stalls. Here you can make a stop according to your own culinary preferences and savour the Middle Eastern fare such as shakshuka, cured meat, fresh salted fish, local roasted coffee, French pastries or fresh fruit juice etc. Besides food you can also indulge in a shopping tour of the market.

Tel Aviv, Jerusalem beach, Friday night party
Tel Aviv, Jerusalem beach, Friday night party

Much like any other European nightlife, Tel Aviv too converts into a party spot in the evening. You can enjoy a leisurely drink at a beachside bar or an expansive dinner in an upscale restaurant at Kauffman Street. It’s not surprising to see swarm of local & foreign people flocking various bars and clubs at night on a pub crawl. Tel Aviv’s local populace truly embraces a cosmopolitan lifestyle and enjoys living under the sun.

The beauty of this city lies in experiencing the modern fun loving life which attracts people from around the globe.


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