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The Differences Between Tourists and Travellers

Tourists and Travellers

Differences between Tourists and Travellers revealed through Minimalistic Cartoons

What’s the difference between Tourists and Travellers? Do you fantasise about curling up in a luxurious hotel when taking a holiday, or do you take pride in being able to sleep wherever and whenever, often opting for that scrappy, budget hostel? Do you enjoy taking the road less travelled, or is a clear, well-marked path the way for you? In a quirky series of illustrations put together by travel company Holidify, the differences between tourists and travellers are highlighted and examined through simple, silhouetted illustrations.

These 12 minimalistic cartoons draw attention to the contrasting approaches that these two types of people take to explore the world, making you ponder your own style of vacationing/exploring. While the depictions may oversimplify the situation, capping examples that are on two ends of a spectrum where a majority fall somewhere in between, it does so harmlessly, as neither approach to travel is ranked as better than the other. The most important thing is getting out and seeing the world, in whatever manner you choose to do so.

Still, which do you identify with more? Experienced traveller or selfie-stick gripping tourist?

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