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The Serengeti Migration: Everything You Need To Know!

People from all over the world travel far and wide, to catch a glimpse of one of the most magical events on the planet. The Serengeti Migration takes place in the landscape of the wide plains, in the volcanic grasslands of Tanzania and Kenya. If you are thinking of going on safari, then this is the perfect time! We have listed some interesting facts to keep you in the ‘loop’ about what exactly goes on:

A New Wonder Of The World!

Zebra and Wildebeest quenching their thirst at the watering hole- The Serengeti Migration

The Serengeti Migration is a perpetual loop for these animals, following the rain to find fresh grass. Between July and October is the best time to go, as the wildebeests go from the Serengeti reserve to the Maasai Mara territory, crossing rivers where you will see Nile crocodiles and even passing by some big cats! It’s here you can observe all of the animals during feeding time.  This migration has been declared the new seventh wonder of the world, so you don’t want to miss it!


A Unique Ecosystem

Breathtaking landscape of the Serengeti- Serengeti Migration

In over a million years, very little has changed with the animals, plants and rivers. The Serengeti has the oldest ecosystem in the world. The diversity of both the flora and fauna makes it completely unique.


Migration in Great Numbers

Wildebeest's crossing the river during the Serengeti Migration

From January to March every year, half a million wildebeest are born in the Serengeti. Knowing this, it’s not surprising that the Serengeti Migration is the largest migration in the world, their journey is a staggering 800 km round trip!


Not Everyone Lives to Tell the Tale

Lionesses tackling their prey- The Serengeti Migration

Sadly, the majority of the animals that are migrating won’t make it to Maasai Mara Park. They face a lot of dangers along the way, not only from predation, but also from hunger, thirst and exhaustion.

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