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The World’s Cheapest & Priciest Countries to Travel


One of the biggest concerns for any traveller, but especially backpackers, is money. Like it or not, money usually determines the quality of your trip, the length of your trip, and the destination of your trip. So we’ve done you the favor of making a handy list of the most and least expensive countries in the world to help you make that buck stretch a little farther…or blow it all in a blaze of glory.

This list is drawn from, a great site that lets you compare the cost of living across the world. If you’re living in a place with an ultralow cost of living, of course the salaries are going to be lower as well. But if you’re just passing through with a bank account full of your own currency, it could just be the ultimate affordable vacation.

The list of the cheapest countries is surprisingly diverse, ranging from the obvious ones in South Asia to even a few European countries, providing you with a lot of flexibility in planning your budget bucketlist.

Countries with the LOWEST cost of living:

1. India

2. Nepal

3. Pakistan

4. Tunisia

5. Algeria

6. Moldova

7. Egypt

8. Macedonia

9. Syria

10. Colombia

11. Bangladesh

12. Indonesia

13. Georgia

14. Morocco

15. Philippines

The list of the most expensive countries is a little more predictable, with Scandinavia weighing in heavy. But how many of you could have predicted Venezuela? I guess you can add an asterisk to your South American budget backpacking plans.

Countries with the HIGHEST cost of living:

1. Switzerland

2. Norway

3. Venezuela

4. Iceland

5. Denmark

6. Australia

7. New Zealand

8. Singapore

9. Kuwait

10. United Kingdom

11. Ireland

12. Luxembourg

13. Finland

14. France  

15. Belgium

Now that you know where to pinch your pennies and which places to avoid at all costs, you can go ahead and make your next itinerary without fear. Travel on, tightwads!