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Tips for No-Stress Travelling

No-stress travelling

Travelling is a great opportunity to discover new places, see new things, relax, and enjoy yourself. Taking time off to travel is meant to be a much-needed break from everyday life. But for many people, just the thought of going on holiday can provoke a panicky response. There are many aspects of planning and taking your holiday that make people anxious in different ways.

Here are some tips to steer clear of avoidable stress before, during, and after your trip.

Do Your Homework

Planning is not everyone’s forte, but making important decisions in advance can save valuable time and money. If you have an idea about when you want to take a holiday, start keeping an eye out for discounted hotel prices and air tickets well in advance, as this could help you get a cheaper rate for many things. Also, online travel reviews about a particular place or tourist destination can make your trip much more pleasurable. If you’re the indecisive type, you can also watch out for free cancellation policies.

Pack Smart

Packing can lead to a lot of stress, especially if you’re doing it on the go. Making a packing check-list can help you avoid mistakes. Don’t forget to revise! Over packing will just lead to more stress down the road. If you are extra worried about your luggage getting lost or if you’re the unlucky type, then taking a picture of your luggage might just prove useful. You can also snap a picture or get a Xerox of your passport and travel documents, just to be on the safe side.

Take Your Time

Avoid last-minute departures and arrive early at the airport to spare yourself the headache. You never know if special security provisions are in place on that particular day. Be well-informed about the weather and traffic conditions. Also, checking your luggage weight before leaving for the airport could save you from unwarranted baggage-fee stress.


When holidaying, it’s natural to want to make the best of your time. The fundamental rule for a stress-free holiday is handling excitement. Reflect upon what is important and what is possible in your time frame. It’s easy to get engrossed in exploring every attraction or sight on the list, but this could exhaust you completely. Knowing about your strength and stamina levels and prioritizing activities is a much more pragmatic approach.


Giving a much-needed rest to your brain and switching your mind from work mode to relaxation mode is also an important part of holiday. Staying ahead in work, informing office staff in advance, and finishing off important matters before you leave is crucial to a stress-free holiday. If you really need to be connected with work then choose a time and keep to it. Don’t let it absorb you or detract from your vacation.

It’s OK to Say No

Being dragged somewhere you aren’t interested in by your friends, listening to the unpleasant crying of a fellow traveller’s kid, or waiting for your partner who is taking too long to get ready could also add to your stress. But being wise and adaptable can result in a more peaceful adventure. Travelling together doesn’t mean sticking together at all times. You can always take a solo trip and meet up at a better time.

Don’t Rush Back into Normal Life

Arriving the night before you go back to work and returning to real life too quickly can drain away all the relaxation and happiness that you gained during your holidays. Reaching home at least a day in advance will allow you some time settle back into your normal life, unpack, and finish off your necessary household chores as you recollect your sweet memories from the trip.

Plan Ahead

The best way to overcome post-holiday stupor is to begin planning the next one. This is sure to get you back on track and daydreaming blissfully.