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Tips on how to find and buy the best travel insurance

Tips and ideas on how to identify and get the most affordable travel insurance

Travel insurance is becoming more and more popular with every passing year.

Currently, it is rather Must-Have than Nice-to-Have. And if once people kept getting travel insurance in the back of their mind, today most of the travel insurances are scrutinized to make sure they choose the correct covering. The key word here is “correct”. Just buying insurance is not enough.

The policy must meet your aims and needs, understanding of which helps to choose the most suitable variant just for you. Of course, there are lots of insurance companies. So, the question arises here: How not to drown in this insurance sea.
Here’s a guide on how to find the best travel insurance, helping you to start your holiday on the right foot. Let’s take a look at 10 tips and tricks on how to buy comfort and hearts ease. Is it possible? Read and check.

Keep calm and think first

This advice is one of the most important, so that is why it heads the list in our brief guide. Take at least 5 minutes to concentrate on the basic things and now we`ll tell you what they are. Firstly, it is essential to understand what you are interested in at that moment while purchasing the travel insurance.

You have to be aware of what the insurance covers and not covers before buying the policy. Because at first sight all companies are similar. But in fact, each of them offers travel insurance with a range of differences: in commitments, in terms, in conditions and in prices.

Therefore, you should be conscious of what you exactly want. Only when you are quite confident about what you really need, the next tip on how to buy the best travel insurance would be really useful for you.

Draw a travel insurance comparison online

Buying insurance online is not only fast and cost-effective, it’s also a great opportunity to draw a full comparison of insurers due to online aggregator companies. When you go on an aggregator site, it is necessary to recheck if the data presented by the website is current and updated.

Make sure that you won’t be misled by providing wrong data or comparing the plans under the wrong tool.

Monitor the prices and services of insurance companies to find the most suitable for you. Calculate the price. It can be done online without visiting the office.

Look over customers' reviews

Reviews play an important part of the right choice. They reflect the trustworthy feedback of existing customers of an insurance service. When buying a policy, you can look through the clients` reviews as well to get a general idea of the set of services offered by the insurance company.

We should say, when glancing over customer comments about a company it is always a nice idea to understand what a consumer is referring to. It will help you figure out if the review is relevant to you or not.

Explore the website of the travel insurance company

Insurance services are presented in various forms, so you’re sure to buy the travel insurance that meets your requirements. Companies sell policies to their clients directly or through the website. We can say with 100% certainty that a company can be considered reputable if there is a website on the Internet.

On the insurer’s page, you can learn almost all the information:

  • date of the establishment;
  • owners;
  • financial results;
  • work schedule.

If you haven’t found the site, make sure that the company has a certificate of registration and the necessary insurance licenses.

Choose a high coverage limit insurance

Spare no expenses on your health and buy insurance with a high coverage limit. A good insurance company provides up to $100,000 USD in coverage to care. But what’s the point to overpay if there are so many insurers with a low underwriting. The truth is, the lowest underwriting rate is a bad sign. Why? As if the rate is too low — the company either is not going to pay its employees or is not intending to pay for compensation for damage.

Initially, the company will pay for compensation at the expense of insurance premiums, then — the reserves, and then… no money, and the company is bankrupt. The low underwriting can also mean a lot of restrictions and exceptions under which the insurer refuses to pay the compensation.

As a matter of fact, travel insurance is accident insurance. It is to protect you in case of emergency.

High coverage limits are essential because if you are injured or get sick, you want to make sure your high hospital bills are covered.

Take care of your baggage

Arriving at your destination without your luggage can ruin your trip. Not having your documents, clothes, phone, medications can bring you a lot of inconveniences. When your passport is lost, you have a huge problem that needs a quick solution. Don’t let this unpleasant situation upset you.

EKTA Luggage insurance helps to protect you from financial loss when your belongings are damaged or lost during the flight. Make yourself familiar with the rules of execution and be careful when filling out the travel insurance form, take all the documents with you, check thoroughly the date of expiry of the insurance.

Find out exactly what the insurance covers and when it doesn’t work. With travel insurance you will let go of all the problems you may face during your dream trip.


The choice of the insurer and travel insurance is a sensitive subject, which sooner or later, everyone gets confused about, because it is a unique opportunity to have confidence in the future and compensation guarantee for losses. At the same time, the insurance company is not a charitable organization.

Consider this factor while choosing. Follow the advice of those you trust and check the financial data. Pay attention to the publications of specialized sites and insurer’s informational activity. These actions help you to make a choice on a reliable insurance company.

Guest post written by Isabelle Jordan

Isabelle Jordan is a business and marketing journalist at Ekta insurance company. She writes for different news portals and thematic blogs that helps her stay at the heart of the travel and insurance news. Such work gives her the opportunity to write articles on the most relevant topics of today.