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Top 10 Countries: From the Woman Who Visited All 196

Cassie De Pecol recently became the youngest – and fastest – woman to travel to each of the world’s 196 countries. The 27-year-old also became the ultimate go-to source on unmissable destinations because she can say, with a certain level of authority most of us can’t, which countries truly are the best.

With 196 countries to choose from, what are the “must sees” according to this seasoned globetrotter? De Pecol shares her top 10 countries around the world, some of which may surprise you!

10. USA

USA- Visit 196 Countries

Coming in at number 10 was Cassie’s very own home country, America. The colourful fall leaves of New England left a lasting impression for the Connecticut native, who says everyone should experience them at least once.


9. Costa Rica

Costs Rica- Visit 196 Countries

Why Costa Rica? “Monkeys, fresh fruit, good music, and volcanoes…need I say more,” De Pecol shares with The Telegraph. What’s not to love?


8. Peru

Peru- Visit 196 Countries

Both the Amazon rainforest and the Aguas Calientes—the gateway to Machu Picchu, one of the seven wonders of the world—cannot be missed when visiting Peru.


7. Tunisia

Tunisia- Visit 196 Countries

African culture with a Middle Eastern feel, coupled with incredible archaeology, nabbed Tunisia its must-see title.


6. Oman

Oman- Visit 196 Countries

With such amazing diversity, and stunning landscapes visiting the deserts and mountains of Oman, gave a whole different lifestyle perspective.


5. Pakistan

Pakistan- Visit 196 Countries

After a long four month wait for a visa, De Pecol’s visit to Pakistan didn’t disappoint. She was especially enamored with the Pakistani cuisine.


4. Vanuatu

Vanuatu- Visit 196 Countries

Vanuatu is home to some of the kindest people De Pecol encountered on her 18-month adventure.


3. Maldives

Maldives- Visit 196 Countries

Crystal clear waters and pristine beaches landed  the Maldives near the very top of the list. And who could blame her?


2. Bhutan

Bhutan- Visit 196 Countries

The smallest state in all of Asia took second place on Cassie’s list for its peaceful environment and lifestyle.


1. Mongolia

Mongolia- Countries

And coming in at number one is Mongolia! Immersing herself in the wilderness and riding wild horses were the reason De Pecol chose to pick Mongolia as her number one choice of countries to visit in the world!

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Source: The Telegraph

Any countries you’ve loved that would rival Cassie’s list? Let us know in the comments below!