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Top 4 South Asian Destinations for First-time Backpackers


Backpacking is an unbeatable way to explore a new destination. It enables you to discover a place as a local, mingle with various people, connect with the culture, and absorb a new way of life. It is the most natural and economical way to discover a new place. No amount of comfort or luxury can compare to the amazing benefits of backpacking. No need to be nervous! There are thousands of budget-friendly and convenient places out there to explore as a first-time backpacker.

Here is a list of the top 4 backpacking South Asian destinations for beginners:


India is the ideal backpacking destination. It is an exotic, colourful destination exploding with vibrant cultures, enticing landscapes, diverse religions, intriguing architecture, and countless amazing experiences. With a plethora of low-cost transportation and accommodation options, mouthwatering local food, and loving people, India is a backpacker’s paradise. Dharamshala, Ladakh, Spiti, Goa, Rishikesh, Pushkar, Munnar, Agra, Udaipur, and Sikkim are just a few of the best destinations for first time backpackers.

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Nepal is undeniably the hiking capital of the world. With the towering Himalayas and breathtaking panoramas, the country is full of marvellous trekking routes and is simply a treat for backpackers. Kathmandu, the World Pagoda Heritage Site, Bhaktapur and Pokhara are some of the culturally and naturally astonishing destinations in Nepal that can be discovered on a shoestring budget.

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The only carbon-negative country in the world, Bhutan is a natural paradise with unique traditions, rich culture and exotic sceneries. Its alluring mountains, deep valleys, thick forests, and alpine meadows make it an ideal destination for backpackers who are on a tight budget. Smiling local faces and delicious Bhutanese food seal the deal, making it an incredible experience for first-time travellers.

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Sri Lanka

This captivating and affordable island nation is full of natural beauty ready to be explored. Sparkling blue seas, impeccable white sand beaches, rolling hills, rich history, charming tea plantations, lush jungles and warm people make Sri Lanka a popular destination among backpackers. Numerous cheap hostel and lodge accommodations with super-delicious Sri Lankan meals make it a must for first time backpackers.

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