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Top 5 Reasons to Visit Cuba

You have probably heard about Cuba, this colourful and diverse island of the Caribbean which played a unique role in the life of the revolutionary Che Guevara. From La Havana in the North to Santiago de Cuba in the South, you will discover a charming cultural mix where dance and music are an important part of the everyday life.

Like many of the beautiful islands in the Caribbean, it has stunning beaches, warm and crystalline waters and welcoming people. The landscapes also offer a remarkable diversity and are a real treat for the eyes. Visiting Cuba is a once-in-a-lifetime experience to remember for the rest of your life… But why would it be different than any other paradisical site of the Caribbean?

Let us give you the top 5 reasons:

#1 The Vintage Cars

Blue-green antique car in Cuba

Go back in time in Havana as you hop into a vintage 1950’s taxi that will make you feel like you are in another decade. The streets are full of these colourful “Yank Tanks” that give a unique charm to the colonial town. See the sights of this historical city that feels like it hasn’t changed for years.

#2 The Charming Cuban People

Smiling driver seen in rear view mirror of antique car in Cuba

Wander the streets of any Cuban town and wave to the friendly grandfathers who sit on their front porches playing dominoes or chess. Smile at the kids playing soccer in the streets and learn a few Spanish phrases from the friendliest people on Earth.

#3 Time Forgotten Towns

Sunny street in Trinidad, CubaVisit the time-forgotten town of Trinidad where time seems to have been standing still for hundreds of years. Immerse yourself in a different pace of life with the residents of this picturesque town.

#4 Lively Music & Dancing

Lively Music and Dancing
Music is a way of life in Cuba and where there is music, there is dancing.  Let loose with the happy rhythms of Son music and salsa. Be carried off your feet at a dance club in the famous Havana or youthful Santa Clara.

#5 Cuban Cigars & Rum

Elderly women with flowers in their hair, smoking cigars in Cuba

Hand-wrapped Cuban tobacco, Havana Club, spiced rum and delicious, cold, fresh, mouthwatering MOJITOS! …Need we say more? 

Did we miss anything? Let us know what you love about this gorgeous island nation in the comment section below. If you’ve never been there is no time like the present to book your Cuban adventure and discover it for yourself!