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Top 9 Things to Do in New Zealand

When thinking about a vacation destination, New Zealand should be an obvious choice. Exploring the rugged landscape, a visitor is bound to have an unforgettable experience. The only problem is choosing what to do! Read on as we have picked out for you some of the top 9 things to do in New Zealand.

View of Mount Cook and Pukak

Top 9 things to do in New Zealand:

Sunset over Lake Wanaka. Mt. Aspiring in distance from Mt. Roy. Central Otago. New Zealand.

1. Take a tour to Wanaka

New Zealand holidays are never complete without a trip to Wanaka. Tourists are often guaranteed to be amazed by the sight of the wonderful lake coupled with the general serenity of the town. Even more adventurous is a walk through the beech forest and the meadows that dot the town’s landscape. Before leaving Wanaka, it would be worthy to tour Rippon Vineyard, which is home to some of the wonderful wines available in the Kiwi wine market.

Kaikoura New Zealand 2. Get a feel of the marine life at Kaikoura

Another memorable activity would be to visit Kaikoura, which is situated off the South Island. Here visitors will come face-to-face with the marine wildlife in this area. For those fascinated with sperm whales, seabirds, seals and dolphins, this adventure provides the perfect opportunity to interact with these animals. Tourists can watch them as they go about their activities in their natural habitat.

Paparoa National Park, South Island, New Zealand (Copy)

3. Visit a National Park

Paying a visit to a national park would also serve as a wonderful activity to engage in during the trip. There are many National Parks dotted across the country in addition to various reserves and forest parks. At all of them, visitors can get in touch with the natural heritage of New Zealand as well as various native species, such as Kiwi birds, that have defined the country.

Mount Maunganui

4. Visit Mount Maunganui

Although it is a dormant volcano, Mount Maunganui, or Mauao in Maori, is a huge part of the Maori culture and history. A trip to its summit is a great adventure hike that culminates in a picturesque view of the sandy beaches below.

Vineyard, Marlborough, New Zealand5. Take a wine tour in Marlborough

Marlborough may be the driest region in New Zealand but that has not deterred it from becoming a hub of wine production. A trip to New Zealand is incomplete without visiting the epitome of the country’s identity as a wine producer. Here, visitors have a great opportunity to indulge in wine tasting.

A beach in Auckland New Zealand6. Attend a BBQ at a reserve or beach

Barbecues have become an integral tradition of the Kiwis. The perfect memory of the trip would be to partake in one of these events at a reserve or beach. Consequently, tourists can organise themselves and prepare a BBQ at one of these places. It is during such events that they can witness first-hand the friendliness of the locals as well as make friends.

Building of Te Papa Tongarewa Museum

7. Visit Te Papa Tongarewa

Te Papa Tongarewa is the custodian of New Zealand’s stories and treasures. Those interested in learning more about the country should definitely visit this museum. Examples of things to expect include evidence of the country’s art, heritage and history.

Woman at Hobbiton, a Lord of the Rings set in New Zealand

8. Go on a Lord of the Rings tour

Lord of the Rings has been one of the most popular films in Hollywood history. What better way to discover the behind-the-scenes than to get to the location where it all started, New Zealand. Visitors can tour the various locations that featured in the movie trilogy.

Man doing the Vertigo Climb, New Zealand9. Take the Vertigo Climb

Those in need of an adrenaline rush would obviously fancy the Vertigo Climb. This activity is the hallmark of a hair-raising adventure atop the Sky Tower in Auckland. It is said that it helps enhance mental endurance.

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