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Top Tips for Exploring a New City in the BEST Way!

Every traveller has their own travel style; whether they like to go off the cuff, and plan as they go when they step off the plane, or to have a detailed itinerary with everything planned before they’ve even packed their bags. Both are awesome ways to travel, but sometimes leaving a little room for adventure and spontaneity leaves the door open to some unexpected and thrilling discoveries.

In this new and exciting age of technology, we no longer have to depend on paper maps and guide books to navigate our way around a new city. With so much information at our fingertips, we have put together some savvy tips to help you make the most out of your time, whether it’s in a huge city, or an off-the-beaten path location- we’ve got you covered!


Hello, Google Maps

Navigate a new city- A backpackers big adventure

Ah, where would we be without the all powerful Google! Even though new map apps are coming out all the time, you can’t quite beat the reliability of good old, Google Maps. When you land in your newest destination use the ‘Explore’ option to see where locals and other travellers are reviewing and recommending as the best places to eat. And then BOOM, follow the directions to your next delicious meal. And it’s not just for food, of course (although, it’s definitely one of the winning reasons) If you fancy a bit of yoga, or the best bar, google will hit you up with the closest one to you!


Meet Up is your Friend

Navigate a new city- A backpackers big adventure

Think of this little number as the platonic Tinder. Meet Up is an awesome app to help hook you up with some friends in your new city. It’s definitely cool to meet up with fellow backpackers but to make the most of your limited time, try and get chatting to a local. There is nothing quite like seeing a new city through a locals eyes. They can take you to the places the typical traveller won’t get to see, and give you a totally different perspective. Yes please.


Hostel Wisdom

Navigate a new city- A backpackers big adventure

OK, so you can put your phone on charge for this next one. When you check-in to your latest hostel, you have a wealth of information just waiting for you. Put away your things, and get socialising! Travellers who have been staying there, even if it’s just been a few days before  will be the ultimate guru to tap for information to help guide you on your explorations. You might even find a friend to tag along with you on your sight-seeing!


Instagram Inspo

Navigate a new city- A backpackers big adventure

We love nothing more than finding our travel inspiration on Instagram by following all of those wanderlust worthy accounts that make us want to quit our jobs, sell our things and travel the world with nothing but the smile on our face, and the bag on our back. But they are more than just envious travel pictures. Use top travel influencers who have been to your latest city for all the tips you need for an epic visit, find out their favourite places to see, their favourite local dish or fun-filled activity. And hey, you can rival them with your own Insta pics!


Facebook Groups

Navigate a new city- A backpackers big adventure

Facebook was once the King of social media, but these days it seems like it’s slowly losing its popularity. However, Mark Zuckerberg has come to the rescue, for one helpful reason. Facebook groups and events are hands down one of the best ways to get the inside scoop for your adventure to a new city. Like if you are heading to Sydney, you can find the group ‘Backpacker Sydney’ filled with thousands of backpackers, stuffed to the brim with knowledge about ALL the tips you need for an unbelievable adventure!

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