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A Traditional Day in 10 Different Parts of the World

Have you ever travelled somewhere as a tourist and wondered what it would be like to experience a traditional day living there like a local?

Perhaps you want to eat like the locals, as often the traditional foods offered to tourists are not the most “traditional”. It could be the fun stuff that you think you’re missing out on. So often tourists find themselves in places full of other tourists, doing the same activities as all the other tourists. You wonder where are the locals and what they are doing.

How do the locals get around? It’s hard to find out if you’re travelling a new land exclusively on tourist buses or in private taxis. What about the other essential elements of a traditional day for the locals, like where do they work and sleep?

Maybe you just want to compare the lifestyle of the locals to your own to see what connects and separates us. You may even be thinking of moving to another country and just want to know what a traditional day looks like in another part of the world.

Travelling can open our eyes to the ways of the world, but when stuck on the tourist track it can be hard to get a real idea of what local life is like in foreign lands. Thanks to Expedia you can take a glimpse into what a traditional day looks like in different parts of the world. Compare it to your own or use it as motivation to travel, living as the locals do. They’ve put together a guide of what 24 hours elsewhere looks like for the locals in eleven different parts of the world. They focus on food, travel, work, fun and sleep to give you a glimpse into the most important aspects of local life.

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New Zealand

Infrographic: New Zealand a traditional day


Infographic: A traditional day in Greenland

South Korea

Infrographic: South Korea a traditional day


Infrographic: Ghana a traditional day