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Travel New Zealand on a Budget

View of the water and mountains in Queenstown, New zealand

If you are in New Zealand you need to have some time to discover it all, but doing all you want may also take a toll in your budget. However, follow these expert’s tips and you will find how to travel New Zealand on a budget and make your hard earned money last a lot longer than you can imagine.

Perform the Legwork

People playing on a rock in New Zealand

If you are keen to test the numerous outdoor activities that New Zealand offers but possess a limited budget, it’s worth working out where on your route provides the most cost effective, as prices vary from coast to coast.

Any action round the Queenstown area will probably be a lot more costly than elsewhere, as it is in popular tourist areas in NZ. You may consider going for a whitened water rafting or jet boating on the less popular river. You’ll still enjoy yourself and reduce your cost.

If several tours are found inside a tourist area make sure to check the prices. Frequently, longer tours might appear more costly but they are ultimately less expensive, particularly if they include food, overnight accommodation etc., so it’s worth looking into it.

Thrifty Gifties

Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand
Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand, 12th. Dec. 2010 – Flickr – PhillipC

Some metropolitan areas are less costly than others, so if you wish to search for gifts it’s worth keeping this in mind. Dunedin around the South Island is a city with a large student population, meaning it’s filled with deals for that savvy shopper.

Research different bus pass options. New Zealand provides extensive good bus passes, most of which can help you save as much as 50% on costs. It’s worth researching.

For those who have an ISIC (Worldwide Student Identity Card) make sure you  take it along with you, as New Zealand  offers lots of student discount rates on tours, activities, also at retail. Make sure to request for a student discount, as it might not necessarily be marketed.

New Zealand jade is really a tempting purchase; however it can upset your financial allowance. You could attempt the factory outlet shops as opposed to the traditional souvenir shops. The factory training courses at Hokitika are great places to locate jade pieces that won’t empty your bank account.

Camping on the Shoestring

Camping at dusk

New Zealand’s plain tap water is completely safe to consume, if you buy a high quality water bottle and load it up every single day before leaving your living space you will not spend much on drinks while you’re on an exploring.

If you want to buy camping equipment, consider leasing it while you’re there rather than buying it. Which means you won’t have to take it with you everywhere and you’ll avoid wasting huge money. If you’d prefer to purchase your equipment, try second-hands stores within the major metropolitan areas and obtain a bargain.

Hostels frequently have a cupboard of food that’s been left out by other travellers. It’s worth looking as possible way to cut costs. Just make sure you look for the best before date!

Visit local marketplaces. They’re frequently a fascinating experience of themselves, and could be a great place to get reasonably listed goods.

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