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Turn Your Weekend Into a Great Adventure


For many people, adventure brings forth images of bungee jumping, careening over whitewater rapids, trekking rocky cliffs, sandboarding in the desert, or scuba diving in the South Pacific. The adrenaline-pumping list is endless. While a journey into the wild or climbing mountain paths is surely adventurous, sometimes just the thrill of a journey in the nearby unknown or getting a little bit off the beaten path can be adventurous too. Although many foreign spots offer an exciting experience, adventure doesn’t have to be extreme, dangerous, or far away. There are many adventures that you can enjoy close to home.

Here are some tips for turning your weekend into an adventurous one:

Painted signs pointing in the direction of different countries

Pick your own adventure

This is a great way to have an adventure. Write down unexplored activities from your bucket list on small pieces of paper. Fold them, pick one up, and do what’s written. This approach of choosing your own adventure is a fun and exciting way to spend your weekend.


Explore nature

Just getting out of the house and into the outdoors can be an adventurous experience. You can take a bike tour of the countryside, hike a nearby mountain, go snow-, water-, sand-, or skateboarding, or take a guided tour. In almost every city, there are organisations offering activities where you can enjoy and learn new adventure skills.

Two people eating chicken satay skewers

Foodie experience

If you have nothing planned for the weekend and feel like doing something out of the ordinary, take a foodie tour of your city. Taste all the unexplored dishes, restaurants, and food markets you can, as you discover different communities in your city. Eat Peking duck in Chinatown, paneer jalfrezi at an Indian restaurant, or Mshikashi at an African cafe.


Rent a car

Sometimes it’s relaxing and fun to get your hands on a new set of wheels and take a road trip over the weekend. Just hire a car and have a trip to the countryside on open roads without any stress of wear and tear to your own vehicle. Go somewhere you’ve always wanted to drive, be it in a manual transmission car or high-powered motorcycle.

A smiling woman with her homestay family of three

Sleep somewhere else

Not sleeping at home doesn’t have to mean a hotel, which can be quite boring or lonely. Instead, go for a different experience that connects you with the locals. Websites like Airbnb offer some unusually cool options for accommodation such as retro trailers, urban farms, landlocked boats, tree houses, camper vans, etc.