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Vienna: Splendour of Art, Culture & Cafes

One of Europe‘s most distinguished cultural centres and one of the ancient capitals of the Roman Empire, Vienna is a paradise for cultural explorers. Full of museums and grand palaces, glamorous opera houses and coffee shops, there is an abundance of things to explore in this beautiful city. It takes couple of days to visit all of the wonderful architecture, rich history, and cultural activities here.

Here are the 5 best things to discover in the city:

Viennese Architecture

vienna state opera

From roman to modern, the city offers a range of architectural highlights. The State Opera in the city centre is the best place to start your architectural tour. Next to the Opera is the Albertinaplatz, the tourist centre of Vienna. It houses major art exhibitions and lots of classical architecture to be discovered. Visit the Albertina Museum. From there head over to the Vienna Secession to discover works by world-renowned artists. On your way, visit the Hofburg Palace and Michaelerplatz to see Roman ruins and other historic masterpieces such as Loos Haus and neo-rococo, the Hofburg Entrance, and Hercules statues. Afterwards, head over to St. Peter’s Basilica, known for its rich interior and St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the 12th century grand Gothic-style church with various altars and chapels. Behind the St. Stephen’s Cathedral is the Mozarthaus Vienna, once home to Mozart. One of the most appealing places in the Austrian capital, is Franziskanerplatz, where you can immerse yourself in Viennese ambience by dining and shopping in the square.

Parks in Vienna

schoenbrunn palace gardens

Public parks are a major highlight of Vienna, and in fact almost fifty percent of the city is green. Schoenbrunn Palace Gardens represents the most spectacular architectural palace and features a baroque garden layout. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a must-see place. Another park to visit is the Vienna Augarten park, the oldest baroque park with unique flower gardens and splendid avenues of trees. It also hosts various designed buildings like Palais Augarten and Augarten Contemporary Gallery. Other parks to explore in Vienna are Volksgarten, Vienna Prater and Vienna Stadtpark.

Cultural Attractions

vienna festival

Vienna has a range of cultural attractions and activities to offer. It has over 100 museums and around 120 music halls and theatres, and hosts over 500 balls and roughly 2,500 major music events per year. So every day there are lots of cultural activities happening in the city and you have a wide variety of things to choose from.

Coffee Houses

vienna coffee houses

Vienna is world-renowned for its coffee houses, of which there are over 2,500. Traditional Viennese cafes are known for a large variety of coffee drinks, pastries, and friendliness. Besides traditional cafés, there are also lots of fusion cafés, Viennese Concert cafés, pastry shops serving authentic Bundt cakes, and stylish ice cream parlours that serve coffee with your sweet treats.


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