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The Volunteering Program that Pays for your Housing, Food & Flights

We must be proud to live in Latin America, where the flowers colour the landscape and the streets are full of laughter caused by everyday fun. We are the show of tenacity, support and hope; attitudes that transformed history and placed us in a state of freedom and balance. The future of the nations have been diverted to different scenarios, but in essence we remain the same, so it is time to rejoin forces to heal the wounds that are still open.

Since the time of the conquest, the different countries of Latin America have been fighting for their well-being. We were victims of abuse and oppression. Blood was shed from our families because of covetousness and deceit.  Even with all the pain we overcame adversity. Years later, when we reached independence, we faced the problem of ordering the uproar that foreign man left on our land.

Following our instincts we achieved an organized nation. There were many mistakes because the shadow of the devilish beast was still present, but little by little we were purifying our soul. When we finally emancipated from the old continent, it was time to create an identity, a face with an identification. Now we could be proud of our past and present. Thus we lived for a long time until misfortune fell again.

The dictatorships were present in different places of Latin America. There were deaths, misfortunes and many tears shed. This was the second biggest wound for our history. With all the bad forecasts, there is still a small light to guide us. We resist, we fight and we come back to succeed, demonstrating once again that any obstacle can be drawn if we are in solidarity. No matter the magnitude of the problem or the adversity, if we fight with our heart of silver and bronze we will be victorious. The most important thing is to support each other as we have for a long time.

This time the “America Solidaria” Volunteering Organization is calling for us to try to heal a great wound in Latin America. It seeks to overcome child poverty by developing health, education and productive development projects led by volunteer professionals.  Its job will be to engage with the most vulnerable communities of the continent to “change the look, transform the relations and generate actions of continental justice”.

Who can support?

Any citizen of America who fulfils the professional profile of educator, differential educator, physiotherapists, psychologists, business administrator, industrial engineer, occupational therapist or social worker.

What does the program offer?

Individuals who want to support needy communities in Chile, Haiti or Peru for one year will have food, housing, air transportation, land transfers, vaccines, visas, medical insurance for emergencies and $ 100 per month for personal expenses covered.

How do you postulate?

To participate in the America Solidarity program, applicants must fill out an online form found at the following link . The call will open in October and close in December.

What is the benefit?

Volunteering is a unique and unrepeatable life experience. Supporting the most needy people nourishes the spirit and the heart. The universe will return every drop shed with positive energy that will turn into good omens. And above all, action will change the course of our world. If we both complain about mistakes, it is time to act and make a difference.

Volunteering in Latin America will change the direction of our reality. If we join forces to remedy any kind of problem, it is time to do it again and to address the suffering that Latin American children are experiencing. This act will change your perspective of the world and you will grow enormously.

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