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What You Should And Shouldn’t Do On An African Safari

Going on safari is an unforgettable experience, from spotting animals in the wild, to the adventurous off-road jeep ride. A safari expedition will conjure up sights and sounds that you’ll never forget. So let us help you prepare, with a few helpful tips on what to do on safari.

    Do: Try and Spot the Big Five

Lions relaxing in the wild- what to do on safari

The term ‘Big Five’ was originally coined by hunters for the five hardest species in Africa to hunt on foot, the Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Black Rhinoceros and the African Buffalo. However, the only hunting you will be doing, is with your eyes and camera! These are some of the most amazing creatures to observe in the wild, so keep your eyes peeled.


    Don’t:  Forget your Camera!

An excited tourist capturing zebras in the wild- what to do on safari

I think this one is a no brainer, but we want to make sure you cover all your bases! Going on Safari is usually a ONCE in a lifetime event, so make sure you have your camera at the ready. We don’t advise that you pack too much, but another battery or portable charger is always a good safety net in case of emergency. Always remember when you are getting snap happy, to keep your flash off and camera noises mute, making sure you don’t startle the animals.


    Do: Be Safe On Safari

Neutral clothes are the always the best option on safari- what to do on safari

Before boarding the jeep, you will be briefed on the procedures and policies that are there to keep both you and your group safe, as well as keeping the wildlife safe during the tour. Be sure to wear neutral colours so you don’t distract the animals and can blend in as much as possible. Remember you are there to observe, so the more discrete you are, the better.


    Don’t: Feed the Animals

Don't feed wild animals sign- what to do on safari

Unless you are looking to lose a few limbs, we strongly advise that you keep your arms and food inside the vehicle at all times! Not only is feeding the animals extremely dangerous for you, but also for the animal. It can lead to aggressive behaviour towards other people, and a weakened ability to hunt, which can be a death sentence for a wild animal. Protect yourself and the beautiful creatures you travelled so far to see.

Did you think we missed anything? Share your thoughts and some of your own top tips for what to do on safari in the comment section below. In the meantime, check out our safari trips and tours in South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, and Namibia.