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World Map | Here’s Where You Should Live Based On Your Personality

A New Kind of World Map

Great news! Courtesy of JWT we can now see where we should live based on the most important factor- our personalities! So if you are feeling like home isn’t really home, you can pack up and move to the country that best suits who you are, based on information collected by people from all over the world. To create this new world map, the company surveyed citizens from 27 countries to see how they perceive other countries (the Stereotype map) and how they perceived themselves (the Introspection map)

From this information, the maps move the countries that have similar traits and characteristics together and at the same time moving countries with conflicting traits to the other side of the world. Not only that, but these new continents were given new names, based on the most predominant characteristics they shared.

The Stereotype Map

The stereotype map- World Map

Australia, Canada, Finland and France are perceived as balanced and democratic, so they were grouped into a continent named Balancia- clever, right? Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan’s dedication to religion, so they have been given the name Spiritania. Germany, Hong Kong and Japan comprise the continent of Uniformany, as they are associated with a hardworking and orderly ethos.

Two new places we definitely want to visit on this map is Funlandia, consisting of Brazil, Italy and Spain and Chillville, made up of Mexico and Thailand, two countries known for being laid-back and fun.

Russia, the UK and the United States are most associated with arrogance hence being named Smugville on JWT’s map. China is the only country that makes up its own continent, which is called Geniustan as it’s overwhelmingly the country people associate with intelligence.

The remaining countries, Argentina, Colombia, Czech Republic, India, Indonesia, Singapore, South Africa and South Korea, have no distinct personality characteristics and hence make up the continent of Vanillia.

Waterways on the new world map include the Cultural Sea, the Silicontic Sea and the Shrewd Channel, among others, and surround the countries most associated with those traits. Proving there really is a place for everyone!


The Introspection Map

Introspection Map

One of the biggest things we learn from these maps is that our perceptions of our own countries, rarely match the stereotypes given by others- as you can see from this Introspection map. Basically, how citizens of a certain country see themselves may be quite different from the way in which other cultures view them.

Information & Picture Credit: JW and Culture Trip

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