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The World’s Coolest & Quirkiest Hostels You Have to Stay in!

For most of us when we think about hostels, we think of accommodation at its most basic; bunk beds and shared bathrooms. But there are hostels out there breaking the mould of what we know hostels to be. From tree houses and floating hostels to repurposed castles and jails, there’s something for everyone. The hostels on this list are accommodations worthy of being your final destination.

Milhouse Hostel, Cusco, Peru

Courtyard at Milhouse hostel Cusco, Peru
Built in an 18th Century monastery, 3,399 metres above sea level, the Milhouse Hostel is pretty close to heaven. The Hostel has a cool art deco interior and terrace views of Cusco that rival all others in the City. It’s also really well located so if you ever want to leave the hostel, though you have enough activities inside the walls to fill your days, you won’t be far from Cusco’s top tourist attractions.

Jumbo Stay, Stockholm, Sweden

Jumbo Hostel, a hostel in a grounded plane

Want a first class ticket on a Boeing 747 without the hefty price tag? Jumbo Stay has got you covered! Sure you won’t leave the ground but, on this Jumbo Jet converted into a hostel, you’ll enjoy all the comforts of first-class flying, minus the turbulence. If you’re after a truly one of a kind experience they also have a cockpit suit!

The Treehouse, Nicaragua

Red suspended bridge leading to wooden tree house, Nicaragua's treehouse Hostel

The Treehouse, as the name implies is a wooden structure high in the jungle treetops. The amenities are quite basic, eco-toilets and no shared kitchen, but the atmosphere and forest environment definitely make up for it. You’ll be partying all night in the jungle and woken the next day by howler monkeys at your window.

Railway Square YHA, Sydney, Australia

Sleeping Carriages at the Railway YHA Hostel in Sydney, Australia

At the Railway Square YHA, you have the choice of sleeping in converted train carriages rather than those boring, normal hostel rooms. Step off the platform and into your private or shared carriage for an award-winning hostel experience.

Shantee House, Budapest, Hungary

A yurt in the garden of the Shantee House Hostel in Hungary

This brightly coloured hostel gives you the option of sleeping in Mongolian Yurt tents during the summer. The yurts are beautifully decorated and add to the charm of this small but homely hostel.

ArkaBarka Hostel, Belgrade, Serbia

Stunning floating ArkaBarka hostel in Serbia

Floating on the Danube river, in the middle of the Central Park of Friendship, ArkaBarka is a floating masterpiece. Contemporary wooden architecture, handpainted walls, sundecks and modern furnishing all add to the beauty of this hostel. And did I mention it’s floating on a river?

Hostel Cascada Verde, Costa Rica

Cascada Verdes in Cpsta Rica

Walking distance from a pristine waterfall, Hostel Cascada Verde is an open-air, jungle tree-house. This relaxed jungle hostel is a perfect place to explore and see many of the animals Costa Rica is famous for; sloths, monkeys, racoons and colourful birds.

Clink78, London, England

Clink78 one of the most popular hostels in London, use dto be an old courthouse

This converted Courthouse, that once saw rock band The Clash stand trial, is a must for anyone wanting a historical hostel with a modern vibe. The hostel maintains its courthouse/prison theme coupled with modern, clean furnishing and a youthful feel. For a bit of extra novelty, you can also stay in one of the remodelled prison cells – chamber pot not included.

Caveland, Santorini

View of the white houses on the hills in Santorini

Located in an old 18th-century winery, this hostel is a complex of caves, terraces, houses and gardens filled with a variety of fruit and nut trees. Caveland is luxury on a budget, complete with tennis courts, swimming pools and ocean views!

Die Wohngemeinschaft Hostel, Köln, Germany

A spaceship themed room in one of the most unique hostels in Germany, Die Wohngemeinschaft Hostel

With 16 rooms each uniquely themed and decorated in detail, the Die Wohngemeinschaft Hostel has something for everyone. With such a variety of rooms, you can spend the night in a spaceship,  nurture your inner artists, live out your fairytale fantasies, or spend a night in a Bollywood palace. The choice is yours.

Have you stayed at an incredible hostel that didn’t make our list? Let us know about it in the comment section below.

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