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Bamba Tour Cup Winners: Best Travel Destination and Prize Winner

To celebrate the World Cup over the last month, we have been running our own little competition: The Bamba Tour Cup! We pitched the World Cup round-of-16 countries against each to find out which you thought was the best travel destination. By voting on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages, Bamba Experience followers had the chance to win $1000 USD in travel credits!

It was tense competition but now the polls are closed and the winners revealed!

Bamba Tour Cup Best Travel Destination

And the winner is, drum roll please… MEXICO!

Why Mexico won is no mystery, but it ran up against some pretty incredible travel destinations like the runner-up country Croatia. There were also some close calls as it made its way to the top, it won with only 52% – 48% against Brazil and 54% – 46% against Japan, but the incredible beaches, culture and history of Mexico got it through each round! Check out all the results here.

Like many of you, we also think Mexico is a pretty incredible travel destination. What do we love most?

Well, there are some absolutely stunning beaches with some of the best surf breaks in the world.

Vibrant cultural festivals and holidays that can make something many of us think to be sad or scary an incredible celebration!

Dressed up skeletons for the day of the dead celebrations in Mexico

Mind boggling ruins of ancient civilizations set against glorious ocean or jungle backdrops.

Ruins in the jungle in Mexico

Such varied landscapes from desert canyons to dense jungle, pristine coastlines to bustling cities.

If you’re wanting to plan your next escape, why not make it Mexico: The best travel destination in the world!

Bamba Tour Cup Prize Winner

Congratulations to Liam Bronwen! The winner of $1000 USD in travel credits. Liam is now on his way to planning his next big adventure to who knows where… Maybe even Mexico! Our two big winners together at last!

If you’re one of the voters who got Mexico to number one, we would love to hear why you love it! Let us know in the comment section below. If you’re planning a trip to Mexico, we’ve got a super sweet deal to help you on your way: 10% off all our tours in Mexico.