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Top Vegan Cities you should travel to

Is it the world-changing or the trend of veganism taking over? Hundreds of beautiful cities started walking up in this vegan movement. These cool cities have become totally cruelty-free and serve up amazing packages of vegan cuisines, Chinese, sushi, and vegan fried chicken.  

The most exciting destination of all time is turning vegan. Are you ready for this change? Here is a rundown through the downtown of the best vegan cities all around the world.

Vegan dish

London, UK

Let’s begin with the city that possesses a history to stand as a fort of animal rights. Yes, it’s none other than London itself. Starting from supermarkets to roadside food vans are known as an actual vegan. 

They are not only vegan-friendly but full stop vegans. The city is a come by for all tourists and citizens. Thousands of people walk by these vegan dishes and treats. Quirky and cool looking restaurants here all serve vegan foods. All over the environment feeds off vegan.    

Want to know the best place to try out some fake fried chicken? The first-ever vegan fried chicken shop took place in Temple of Hackney in London. Depending upon the inquiries of local vegan lovers, this place is widely renowned for its quality. 

Berlin, Germany

What comes to your mind when you hear Vegan street? Is a street full of cool restaurants solely providing vegan products? 

Schivelbeiner Straße, aka Vegan Street in Berlin, keeps the top place when it comes to the city of veganism. The street is flooded with restaurants, cafes, clothes shops that solely belong to the vegan and vegetarian customer base.

The first vegan supermarket chain in Europe also embodies a broad part of this city. Berlin mainly gets its recognition for the sausage and schnitzel among the vegan community. Vegans often visit and enjoy the food of this city.     

New York, US

As the most vegan-friendly city of 2018, the US kept itself on top. It’s no surprise because New york offers you various alternatives for the vegans in it. Pretty much every food item a vegan can wish for stays available here. 

The restaurants in New York made the sandwich made of soybeans a trend. They put fake burgers or vegan breakfast with completely fake bacon, truly mesmerizing the taste of vegans. Some often vegan visited places in the city include Blossom Vegan and Dirt Candy.

Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv stands as a leading vegetarian city in the world. They are also friendly towards vegans too. They are known to put their chips in Tel Aviv. Veggie kebab shops also never failed to represent the vegan culture.

They established themselves throughout the vegan community with their vegan-friendly hot-spots all around the city. Bana, Goodness, Zaakam are just rich properties of Israel. Also, Anastasia standing out in the crowd is also regarded as a must-visit spot for the vegans. 

Los Angeles, US

Los Angeles, the city of plant food and wine. Coming up with delectable vegan food items is the thing that differentiates Los Angeles from any other vegan city.

The stateside is filled with vegan cheese, deserts, and local vegan food specialists. Little Pine Restaurant gained its fame by the amazing taste they bring on vegan. The restaurant now positions itself on the list of vegans favorites. 

Crossroads Kitchen, Sage Vegan Bistro gains a lot of Instagram likes for their vegan donuts. The best part about these restaurants, they are still trending among vegans. Every year many people visit the country for its special vegan donuts.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

If you want a quick brief of vegan culture, visit Amsterdam. The tasty ingredients and jacket potatoes wreak the favorites of many vegans. You might want to take some vegan backpacks with you and get some snacks along the way.  

Beetroot salad is the signature dish of Amsterdam. Food reviewers and critics fail to bring down this dish. Jackets run the main game here. Their specified selection of ingredients makes them different from many other vegan restaurants. 

The Avocado Show is worth a visit. The name says it all to you. They make magnificent avocados and turn them into delicious things too. Avocado is just a game-changer here.  

Paris, France

Paris is surprisingly great for vegans. More than 45 restaurants are spread down all over the city. They provide delicious and various vegan food menus. This way, vegans can make Paris their stop-by place for food. 

Tourists often visit Paris for romantic purposes. But vegans visit Paris to taste their vegan specials. Hank Burger is the main attraction for Paris-bound vegans. A vegan pop festival, “Smmmile” is also held that promotes veganism. There goes the dream of some vegans to join this festival once a year. Bon appétit!

Mumbai, India

Mumbai is the home of the world’s vegetarian communities. Fresh production and overflowing with fascinating flavors are the crisp of this city. Every year tourists visit India just to taste these exotic flavors. 

Sequel Bistro and Juice Bar, Bombay Bizare Bakers, are the main concern for vegans in Mumbai. The tongue touching flavors take the Indian vegan community to a whole different level than others.

Rome, Italy

Unrivaled cuisine culture, in the middle of it veganism? The surprisingly friendly culture was raised in Rome, and the news spread like a plague. 

Every top-notch vegan restaurant here serves Italian food in veganized form too. Breaking Bread Bistro is one of those restaurants that hold up the Italian vegan tradition with their name. 


Some countries are just made for the vegan community. Once you land upon such specific cities, they will welcome you with the vegan environment already created. 

Eating top-notch quality food is something everyone wants. However, the fact can even make people travel to other cities if necessary. Hence the restaurants also stay up to their words. They make sure the food is worth every penny spent on it. Start traveling, do travel blogs, eat vegan and stay healthy. 

Guest post written by: Karl Espiritu.