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New Baboo Platform Encourages Sustainable Tailor-made Travel

With its new cooperation with sustainable custom-made travel platform Baboo, Bamba Travel continues to expand its reach in the sector.

If you’ve ever asked a local for advice on things to do and see when traveling, you should be familiar with Baboo. Their revolutionary business concept gives consumers access to a global network of locals at destinations all over the world to help them plan the trip of a lifetime.

Rick Carassai, Baboo’s Chief Operating Officer, stated on the company’s behalf:

“We are confident that booking a trip can be made simpler, easier, less expensive, better, and wiser. The solution we discovered is a combination of booking directly with handpicked Local In-Destination Experts that know the destination and the visitor since they understand their travel personality. Arranging a trip is less complex, less stressful, and more personalized.

Our aim is to improve people’s and the planet’s lives by changing the way people dream, pick, book, share, and experience travel. We must make every effort to rebuild our lovely world.  As a result, Baboo embarked on an ambitious climate path to recover 110% of each traveler’s journey emissions, and to donate 2% of our sales or 20% of our profits to NGOs (non-profit organizations), providing actual benefits to local communities.

Furthermore, we are working to become a Certified B Corporation, which means that we are a business that promotes social and environmental performance, balancing profit with the mission of leaving the world a better, greener place.”

How do Baboo Custom Trips Work?

  1. The Trip Builder Tool will guide the travelers through the process of adding all the details of their trip to help Baboo understand their needs.
  2. Based on the travel details and preferences, Baboo will match the travelers with in-destination experts who live and breath the type of trip they desire.
  3. The in-destination experts will share the best recommendations and advice on the places that are a must-see, hotels that are hip (or not), activities and spots the travelers might not want to miss, and the best local insights and tips.
  4. The travelers review the proposal and provide feedback on the hotels, destinations, and activities included. Chatting with an expert, they personalize the itinerary until it’s ready to book safely online. 
  5. Baboo overcompensates 110% of the trip’s carbon footprint by supporting vetted projects protecting biodiversity, benefiting local communities, and combating climate change. 
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Just like Bamba Travel, Baboo is dedicated to sustainable travel, particularly the protection of animals harmed by tourism. This is why they also agreed to not sell or advertise the use of elephants or wild animals. Instead, they commit to providing animal conservation and welfare activities, as well as viewing animals in their natural habitat, and have pledged to this purpose with the World Animal Protection.

Together we are moving the world to protect animals.

When it comes to supporting Baboo, there is no better time than now. You can become a Baboo partner by joining their Influencer and Affiliate Programs, which also allow you to profit from custom-made adventures for you and your followers.