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Icelandic Volunteer Adventure – Journey into a Fairy Tale

Icelanders are artistic and hearty people. They live in a place that accommodates the largest icecap in Europe. You cannot get enough of the breathtaking blue icecaps, insta-worthy waterfalls, and spinning lights. The mild temperatures and attractive aurora also make Iceland a place to be and discover with great Icelandic travel adventures. No matter the part of the town you visit in Iceland, you can’t help but notice its vibrant nature.

However, if you desire to go beyond a rubberneck tour, it will help to participate actively in some volunteering projects. You will find various volunteering tasks in cities such as Reykjavik. But one thing is certain—you will have an invaluable experience in Iceland if you are sociable.

Icelandic Volunteer

Why Should You Volunteer in Iceland?

The reasons are simple. Participating in volunteering tasks in Iceland will offer you life-changing opportunities. The Icelanders constantly encourage tourists to partake in essential local projects like research, education, science, and many others. So it means that they are willing to share their problems and allow other people to solve them with them.  There is no room for discrimination and prejudice. Hence, the volunteers can network freely and bond with like-minded persons.

Although Iceland’s volunteering activities are challenging, you will have the luxury to connect with energetic individuals. Imagine the slew of knowledge,  culture, value,  and history you will encounter! As a volunteer, you will manage several invaluable resources in Iceland. You will have a good time and contribute your quota to the world.

Popular Volunteering Projects in Iceland

Adventure enthusiasts from essay writers affirm that the most common type of  Iceland volunteer project is environmental sustainability. Iceland may have attractive landscapes, icecaps, and mountains. But no one would enjoy them if it is not properly conserved. If you are crazy about the environment and forms of nature, Iceland provides a large array of opportunities. So let’s look at 7 Iceland popular volunteering projects.

Sledding Dog

Iceland is amazing for allowing volunteers to sprint sleds pulled by dogs over ice. It seems like a sporting adventure and it may occur throughout the year. So volunteers will journey through snowy icecaps for most of the year using wheels.

Sledding Dog

The volunteer teams revel in the beauty of nature as they pursue the northern lights alongside the sled dogs. There is no sunrise as beautiful as the magnificent Icelandic landscape.

In the course of the 3-12 month explorations, the volunteer teams will stay in an unpolished condition with the dogs.

Animal lovers should prepare to participate in the following activities while working as a dog musher. Let’s explore.

  • Building a sled.
  • Training and caring for the dogs.
  • Managing the kennels.

Building Trails

Building trails are no different from exploring several trails to maintain them. There are endless numbers of Iceland national parks and teeming landscapes. It means that the country offers a legion of trail management locations.

The facilitator(s) of the volunteer project will allow the volunteers to conserve trails within different towns in the country. Volunteers will move to a different location every 1-2 weeks. Some other projects require the teams to stay in a specific location till they complete them fully. That way, they can familiarize themselves with the surrounding terrain.

While experience is optional, physical fitness is nearly a mandatory requirement to partake in trail management. Volunteers tend to live in rustic environments as they work in reserves and other remote places. So they must be healthy and fit for any environmental conditions. Volunteers also assess pieces of equipment that come from within and outside Iceland.

Let’s dive into the typical activities of the trail-building volunteers.

  • Enhancing the drainage systems.
  • Constructing bridges, sidewalks, and steps.
  • Eliminating unwanted plants.
  • Mapping GPS trails and collecting data.


Pictures tell a thousand stories, capturing the humanity of specific moments. Anyone who volunteers to capture pictures for a photography team will learn how to tell a tale or explain concepts. They will analyze a point based on the assigned subject matter. The subject matters cut across numerous national issues, ranging from intercultural management to environmental development.

Photography teams exist throughout Iceland. So it is easier for volunteers to opt for the date and locations that align with their interests, strengths, and schedule.

Most photography projects require volunteers to come along with their photography devices. If you don’t have an actual camera, an excellent phone camera may suffice anyway. But your task will always clash with other tasks like website optimization and marketing management.

Let’s look at some  Iceland volunteer projects associated with photography.

  • Capturing the pictures of local Icelandic inhabitants to illustrate a message.
  • Sharing and learning photograph hacks.
  • Placing photographs for exhibitions.
  • Managing photograph exhibitions.


If you are crazy about animal and food farming, you will enjoy volunteering on Iceland farms. It is challenging to cultivate due to the icecaps and volcanoes that inhabit Iceland. Volunteers will know how to manage emotional desires based on wants, needs, and burning environmental issues.

Iceland Farming

The Iceland farming projects may stretch from a few weeks to several months. It typically involves a team housing system.

The everyday duties of volunteers involved in Iceland farming projects are as follows:

  • Growing plants in gardens.
  • Creating animal housing systems from recycled resources.
  • Engaging in exhibition workshops to embellish farms.
  • Paying a visit to recycling locations.
  • Managing baby animals.

Festival Management

As mentioned earlier, the Icelanders have a creative spirit. You will have a remarkable experience in the country if you have an inventive spirit too. Even if you are not, the Icelanders will expose you to several creative opportunities in the course of volunteering. Plus, numerous music and film festivals take root in Iceland every year. Volunteers can utilize these events as much as they can.

Although the festivals take place every month, volunteers can assess their dates beforehand and plan their adventures. The duration of the festival volunteer projects spans two weeks or more. Since some festivals coincide with others, volunteers will have to stick to team accommodations.

Your duties will differ based on what you decide to volunteer on. For instance, Saga Festival leans towards environmental sustainability, food, music, and art. Your job could be to sell as many music tickets as possible to the Icelanders.

Individuals who participate in festival management may engage in the following activities.

  • Hand out promotional flyers.
  • Managing venues and selling tickets.
  • Installing festival exhibitions.

Scientific Research

If you have a knack for research, it will help to volunteer with Iceland companies to assess their economy. You can also survey their environment for a better researching experience. The popular research topics include tourism and climate impact. These topics are the most significant forces in Iceland.


It’s one of the unsung aspects of Iceland volunteer projects. Volunteers who are passionate about community connection with environmental sustainability can seize this opportunity to engage them. You can help tourists to understand why they should follow the conservation guidelines associated with waterfalls or a forest. 

It may mean parading tourist centers to educate fellow Iceland explorers on the sensitive nature of the ecosphere.

Where Should You Volunteer in Iceland?

One of the most significant factors to consider when opting for volunteer projects in Iceland is the destination. Ask yourself: where do you want to volunteer? There are numerous Iceland volunteer options but they differ. You can opt for cities like Reykjavik, Egilsstadir, and Kopavogur or the countryside. The type of available volunteer project will vary based on whether you find yourself in the city or countryside. 

For instance, you may encounter volunteer tasks related to education, research, and tourism in the city. But the countryside may restrict you to trail maintenance, farming, and similar projects.

Language Requirements

Although the official language of the Icelanders is Icelandic, they can speak other languages. These languages range from English, French to Danish. So volunteers will probably communicate in English. English is one of the most significant subjects in Iceland schools. It is easier for explorers who can speak excellent English to volunteer in the country. 

However, you can always learn the Icelanders’ official language if you have a deep interest in foreign languages.

Visa Requirement

Iceland is part of the European Union (EU). It means that you may not need a visa to explore or volunteer for three months if you have a European passport. But it may not work in situations where you receive a reward for your volunteer project. Or some volunteer providers may not allow you to participate without a visa. Make sure you do your homework before you volunteer without a visa.


Iceland is undoubtedly one of the safest places in the world. The Global Peace Index listed the country as the first out of the top ten safest places in the world. So don’t panic, Iceland is a place you can visit umpteen times without encountering security threats. 

In most foreign countries, tourists often dread the stealing of their appropriate documents like your identity card. But Iceland will rarely accommodate petty crimes like stealing or armed robbery. In short, you won’t find yourself in any insecure condition.

In most foreign countries, tourists often dread the stealing of their appropriate documents like your identity card. But Iceland will rarely accommodate petty crimes like stealing or armed robbery. In short, you won’t find yourself in any insecure condition.

4 Beautiful Cities You Can Visit When Undertaking  Iceland Volunteer Projects

As mentioned earlier, the amazing sceneries in Iceland will enhance your experience as a tourist and volunteer.  It is one of the most endowed countries with fantastic fishing villages, grazing sheep in the rural part of the country, and many others. So if you want to balance sightseeing with volunteer projects, there are several cities to explore during your visit. Let’s look at three wondrous cities.


Iceland trip will likely begin and end with Rejkjavik. It’s the center of the city and the hub for many fun-filled activities. Rejkjavik is excellent for tourists who like to stroll around unfamiliar places and meet people. 

The best places to visit in Rejkjavik are as follows:

  • Stroll to Pearlan Museum and look at beautiful artworks.
  • Schedule a time to behold the wonder of the breathtaking Harpa concert hall.
  • You can take a breather at the green space in Oskjuhlid.


Akureyri is the northern part of Iceland. It’s known as Iceland’s fishing hub. Like Rejkjavik, it’s also thrilling to stroll down the Akureyri streets. Common outdoor activities include horse riding, fishing, and hiking. You can tour the town to watch aurora or set out for skiing on Fjord. 

There are also several art galleries to feed your eyes. You can also give native foods a shot at small restaurants. 

The best places to visit in Akureyri are as follows:

  • Hof Cultural Center
  • Botanical Garden.
  • Art Museum.
  • Akureyri Church.


Kopavogur has captivating architecture like art museums and churches. It has numerous hills and hiking trails. You can also explore thermal pools and animal-watching opportunities. 

If you are a shopping freak,  you will find great shopping malls in Kopavogur. Although the boutiques are only two, you will have a swell time. Kopavogur is not far Rejkjavik. So it is easier to parade both cities.


Like Akureyri, Hoftn is also a fishing hub. It is a captivating fishing village with icecaps surrounding it. There are also quiet and picturesque islands that will catch your fancy.

It is also nice to take an evening walk around Hofn’s harbor. You can see the light that illuminates vivid fishing boats. 

Let’s look at some of the best places to explore in Hofn.

  • Maritime Museum.
  • National Park.

Are you ready to undertake Volunteer Projects in Iceland?

Although Iceland volunteer experience may seem challenging, show me an unfamiliar place you can acquire more skills, experience, network, and knowledge in that manner. So, why not give it a shot? Whether you like films, festivals, art, music, photography, and education, Iceland volunteer projects are worth your while.

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