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A person expressing freedom - reaching up into the sky against a sunset.

Explore the Diverse ‘You’ through Travelling

It is quite true that travelling helps us unlock our minds and gives us a sense of freedom from the clutter of daily life. Travelling fuels up that spark within us that leads us to explore and expands our life by helping us discover new cultures and religions. It helps us break down the social and psychological barriers that prevent us from uniting and leading the way to a more global human experience. Thus by exploring our diversity, we can bond with the rest of the world.

How exploring diversity helps?

Usually our exploration of another country’s astounding views, aromas, noises, and culture leads us to think that we are pretty much the same in many ways. A lot of us would agree that most times, beyond our imagination or expectation, we find commonality between us and people from other nations.

An independent travel organisation conducted a survey of 7,292 people across 18 countries and concluded that more than 50% people believe that travelling more would create a more tolerant world, and around 75% of people felt that they have become more appreciative of disparities and diversity in the world through travelling.

Travelling propels our engines of inquisitiveness that take us to explore the world, meet new people, and learn new ways of life. With these experiences we begin to see the world from a different perspective.

Our aim is to alter the way you travel and to empower your desires to discover the world around you by following these 5 simple steps:

1) Drop your guard

Remember you are travelling to discover something unknown to you and gain new experiences. We all have different traits which make us different from others, so be open-minded and non-judgemental.

2) Talk to locals, talk to travellers, talk to everyone

Dialogue is an easy way to make friends, get tips, and have a better time. So unleash yourself and talk with a fellow traveller or a waiter in a restaurant. This creates new friendships and might lead to the conversation of a lifetime or an invitation to something amazing.

3) Say yes

Discovering new destinations is just a part of your whole travel experience, but the journey itself is what matters more. Saying yes is a sure path to new experiences. Yes, I wanna go diving or yes, I wanna try a new drink.

4) Be courageous

Being courageous is essential for your trip. Travelling means entering new lands and overcoming your fears/limitations. It takes little courage, especially at first, but ultimately not as much as you think.

5) Sharing and caring

Travelling alone with an open heart & mind could encourage and inspire many people. When you share your experiences with the ones you care about, you can show them the magnificent and friendly world that awaits them.