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Pros and Cons of using Social Media for Travelling

Whether social media benefits or hinders travel has always been debatable. In fact, there are many pros and cons of having social media be a part of travel – from planning to experiencing the travel, etc. However, we’ve put together a simple list of the main pros and cons of using social media for travelling.

Pros of using Social Media

First, let’s take a look at the positives of travelling with social media.

Easier Travel

“Mobile apps can make for easy travelling,” says Shizuko Harry, a lifestyle writer at Last minute writing and Writinity. “Whether you’re looking up when the next bus comes or trying to look for the cheapest flight, there are many apps that can help you with those tasks.”

Stay In Touch With Friends And Family

Nowadays, there’s no need to send friends and family a postcard (which can take days, or even weeks, to get through the mail). Unless you want to bring one back as a souvenir, you might want to send something faster like email or instant messaging, or even Facetime or Skype your loved ones back home. Whichever method you use, staying connected while travelling has never been easier.

Location Independence

If you’re looking to travel, then you’re in luck! Nowadays, it’s easier to work while you travel, just as long as you have a good Wi-Fi connection. For example, if you’re a graphic designer, and need to take your laptop on your travel destination to finish up on a project, now you can! Also, as long as you know your way around making work and travel flexible
for you, you can totally pull off location independence without jeopardizing your vacation or your job. Therefore, it’s possible for you to “take a vacation” every day.

Cons of using Social Media

Cons of social travelling

And now, we’ll look at some of the downfalls of having social media on your next trip.

More Documenting Means Less Fascinating Discoveries

“Normally, users will take to social media to document the things that they’ve seen, and the places they’ve been to,” says Ewan Benson, a travel blogger at Draft Beyond and Research Papers UK. “However, this only defeats the purpose of discovering something naturally. When everything is documented, you’re less likely to find hidden gems in your travels. So, why not put down the phone or tablet when on a walk or a hike, and let the hidden gems come to you? Chances are, something you see might surprise you.”

There’s No Escaping Screen Time

If you’re trying to escape having screen time while on vacation, then it might be impossible to. Let’s say you want to take a selfie at a tourist site, but you then find yourself checking your Facebook, Instagram, etc. That’s when you realize you never got to see the attraction with your own two eyes. The best thing to do here is to take at least a few minutes wherever you are to simply use your senses to observe without reaching for your device. Another great idea is to bring a journal and write about your observations.

Trying To Get A Good Social Media Opt

It’s easy to get caught up in trying to find a great photo opt to share on social media. However, just searching for a photo opt can take you out of the moment. So, the best thing to remember is to not worry when something doesn’t live up to your expectations, or if you’re unable to get that “perfect” shot. Instead, appreciate the fact that you’ve been given the privilege to travel in the first place.


So, it’s not surprising to see that social media has already become a part of travelling, especially when planning your next travel destination. However, if you’re looking for professional help with planning your next trip without having to rely too much on social media, then check out baboo travel! baboo is more than happy to hook you up with certified travel gurus to help you plan your next getaway, without having to do last-minute inventory and scheduling. With on-site chat assistance, secure booking, and planning, baboo has you covered!

In the meantime, social media is here to stay, whether we want it to or not. Though, if you don’t want to be disrupted by social media, you might want to use it for only the planning process, and then turn it off once you get to your destination.

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