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Secluded Vacations For Nature Worshippers

With so many incredible and idyllic places to explore around the globe, exploring nature’s charming destinations may do wonders for the mind and body. Researchers reveal that spending time in natural environments reduces stress significantly. Taking a vacation away from the busyness that plagues everyday life is a sure way to restore balance and zen. As a result, retreating to picturesque destinations away from the crowds should be one of life’s tick-box experiences. 

South Africa’s Hidden Gems 

South Africa is about more than just lion shows and game drives — it also happens to offer idyllic and secluded destinations that provide much-needed rest and relaxation. Cozy cabins in the Drakensberg offer fireplaces, ruby red Malbec, and scintillating views of the snowcapped Drakensberg. The nearby Midlands Meander is akin to the Midlands in the UK, with tiny novelty stores and choice self-catering accommodation. Another destination that isn’t often bogged down by tourists, especially the off-season, is Clarens. While the town itself can be traversed in a single day, it’s the nearby Maluti mountains that tend to garner the most attention. Secluded cabins and camping spots are available. 

South Africa Mountains

A Mediterranean Escape

If you’re wanting to escape the crowds, the Il Pardini’s Hermitage perched in the hills of Tuscany’s Giglio island is the perfect place. Accessible only by boat, you will find yourself surrounded by clear waters, fishing boats, and seasonal seaside restaurants serving up the finest that the Mediterranean has to offer. Built as a summer home in 1953 this rustic location is nestled in the hills offering visitors prime oceanic views.

Nature Escape in Tuscany, Italy

Apart from the breathtaking views, the island offers plenty of opportunities the get in touch with nature such as hiking and snorkeling. In just under four hours by car, you can rest your weary feet in Florence. Florence offers an array of beautiful architecture and is known for its fine arts. If you’ve taken up art as a hobby, this is a time to take out that sketching pad and charcoals as the countryside undulates into endless vistas of lavender and wheat. Thanks to secluded villas dotted along the countryside, there’s no need to go into the epicenters of Italian traveling spots, allowing that much-needed seclusion. 

The Mighty Utah, U.S. 

Utah may not seem an obvious choice for the best secluded vacation. However, situated central to the Grand Circle region, Amangiri is a stone throw away from North America’s spectacular areas which include The Grand Canyon and Zion National Park. Ancient rock formations and remarkable landscapes make up the vast environment. Guided hikes allow you to experience the grandeur and beauty of the landscape safely. A hot air balloon ride will afford you a bird’s eye view of the natural beauty. If the thoughts of heights make your palms sweaty, the park also offers you a chance to see the plateau on horseback. Utah is also home to the Great Salt Lake, which offers unparalleled sunsets and photo opportunities on this land-locked isle. The vastness of the area also allows travelers to feel a sense of seclusion and that they’ve managed to get away from it all. 

Zion National Park

Travel for those who want to avoid travel hotspots, endless queues, and bustling crowds can be a great experience for those who know where to look. Secluded getaways to enjoy the splendor of nature are not only possible but essential for nature lovers. 

Guest post written by: Katlyn Eriksen