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The Top 5 New York Events That You Must Attend

New York is known for its extravagant attractions. Even though there are hundreds of festivals and events hosted in New York each year, there is a small number that stand out amongst the rest. Instead of deciding between a long list of options, here is a list of the top five New York events any tourist or local should attend.

1. The Village Halloween Parade

Halloween is almost here, so if you are looking for something to do on October 31st, consider attending The Village Halloween Parade. It is confirmed that it will be happening this October. This will be the 48th celebration of this event. The Village Halloween Parade was founded by Ralph Lee, a puppeteer, in 1974. The parade is notorious for being one of New York’s most successful events. The Village Halloween Parade consists of performances, puppeteers, and thousands of creative individuals showcasing their love of Halloween. It’s a great, family friendly event to make your Halloween special.

2. Comic-Con New York

If you are part of a fandom, and are trying to find an event centered around the things you love, New York Comic-Con will fulfill this need. Similarly to San Diego Comic-Con, New York Comic-Con is a safe space for individuals to embrace their interests. This event includes exciting features such as guests, merchandise, panels, sneak peaks and more. 

Event attendees can enjoy listening to those they look up to that are part of fandoms they love. Actors, creators, and writers show up to New York Comic-Con. Fans will have the opportunity to meet, ask questions, and see those parts of the creation of their fandom in person. New York Comic-Con is usually held during an entire weekend, so you can further experience the event. It is highly acceptable to dress up as your favorite character because thousands of other attendees do this as well. So, if you are part of a fandom and want to meet other like-minded people, plan a trip to New York Comic-Con.

3. New Year's Countdown at Time Square

There is no other event in New York that compares to the annual New Year’s countdown held in Times Square. During this event, a crowd of often millions of people gather together to celebrate the new year. Attendees get to suffer through the cold weather, while still managing to have an incredible night. With top tier performers, giveaways, and quality hosting, the crowd never fails to have limitless fun. The best part of the New Year’s countdown at Time Square is the highly anticipated ball drop to welcome in the new year. This is the perfect event if you want to welcome in the new year in a memorable and unique way.

4. Rockefeller Christmas Tree

All other Christmas trees sadly can’t compare to the Rockefeller Christmas Tree in New York. It has been featured in many notorious Christmas films, and is one of New York’s most important landmarks. When December has arrived, the tree is set up and thousands of guests eagerly wait for the lighting of the tree. Each year the new Rockefeller Christmas Tree has to be 100 ft (ca. 30 m) tall, American grown Norway Spruce. Along with the lighting of the tree, there are a variety of other activities that event attendees can indulge in. Guests can go skating at the nearby rink, try the delicious food of nearby shops/restaurants, and watch live performances. I recommend that all Christmas lovers should attend the lighting of the Rockefeller Christmas tree at least once.

5. New York Restaurant Week

Calling all chefs, foodies, and home cooks, you have to go to New York Restaurant Week. This event is hosted yearly during both winter and summer. During the restaurant week, event attendees are given the wonderful experience of enjoying two-course lunches and three-course dinners. There are endless options of world-class restaurants in New York that you can choose from. Takeout and dining experiences are both available, which further develops the flexibility of New York Restaurant Week. This event can help you expand your palette, try top quality food, and seek inspiration for new recipes to try.

All of these events are a once in a lifetime opportunity for most people. New York truly encapsulates moments we have all dreamed of. It’s time to treat yourself by attending one of these magical events in the near future.

Guest post written by Janny Han

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