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Why You Need To Visit Cuba: A Traveller’s Journey


Cuba is the biggest Caribbean island and definitely the most unique. You might already know how different it is from reading some articles online or watching some programs about it, but once you get there, it’s truly something unexpected.

From the very first time you step out of the plane, you start feeling the specialness of Cuba, from the warmness of its people to simply the unique feeling in the air. Upon arrival, you can make your way to Havana Vieja, the soul of La Havana. Here you can see children playing in the streets with nothing but an empty can. It’s clear right away that having fun in Havana is an easy task.

Havana Vieja

Once at your homestay, you will realise how deeply friendly Cubans are, and how charming their houses, bursting with colour. A short walk around downtown and you will notice how people love to enjoy life, so relaxed, so calm, and always smiling. Their old buildings could make anyone love architecture, and the local food is amazing, with many incredible dishes from very basic ingredients. If you love food, Cuba is your destination.

At night you can watch the Cañonazo show, an ancient tradition which teaches you how the city was closed every night in order to protect it from pirates. All this happens in the old colonial fort that still remains standing.


Nightlife is way different than anything you have seen before–everything is about dancing, and Cubans are eager to share that passion with anyone. Prepare yourself to become an expert of salsa!


The next day, a short ride to Viñales will show you the beauty of Cuban highways. The transportation system works perfectly despite their very basic vehicles. Once at the valley of Viñales, humidity feels heavier, as it’s a small town surrounded by the mountains and close to the beach. A horseback riding experience will help you to understand how people have to live and work here with their natural resources. Tobacco is the main product of this particular little town. At night, go to the town’s cultural centre, where you will witness the best dancers in Cuba and taste the greatest rum in the world.


Continue your journey to Cienfuegos, where it’s all about art galleries. Visit the old Tomas Terry theatre, which has had impressive shows and plays. Have a drink at the pier while watching the sunset and enjoy the beautiful colonial museums.


If you get the chance to visit Trinidad, you won’t regret it. Trinidad is a colonial city next to the Caribbean Sea. Visit their many churches to admire how important religion is for the people in Cuba and then have a coffee at one of the thousands of little restaurants at the main plaza, frozen in time.

Next day leave everything and visit the beach. I guarantee you have never seen such a shade of blue. You can’t tell where the ocean ends and where the sky begins. Chill and forget about everything but sunblock, as the weather is really hot here. If you get bored with sunbathing, you have many options for adventure. You can sail on the beautiful sea and do some snorkelling as well.


Return and make a last stop in Havana to say goodbye to your new friends. Everyone in Cuba will call you brother, as they really care about tourists. Take one last afternoon to visit all the museums and historic buildings in old Havana before sipping your last mojito.

Visiting Cuba was the most complex experience I have ever had, and still one of the greatest. It’s like travelling back in time.

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