You are currently viewing An update regarding coronavirus (COVID-19) from bamba

An update regarding coronavirus (COVID-19) from bamba

News about the coronavirus (COVID-19) is everywhere. At bamba, we empathise with those affected and care deeply about the safety of our travellers and our local teams around the globe.

In our efforts to not allow this outbreak to affect the experience and service our clients have come to expect from bamba, we’ve gathered some advice and information for anyone who has travel plans in the coming months.

First of all, the virus is likely going to continue to spread, with new cases and still being confirmed every day. However, it is important to address the fears and concerns everyone may have. The best advice is to regularly check proper channels for accurate information and preventative measures

Of those in impacted areas who have been diagnosed with COVID-19, 80% to 90% of cases are considered mild, sometimes without showing any symptoms. The risk to children appears to remain low, and most of those at risk are elderly people, often with underlying health conditions. 

Prevention measures

The most important measures to take, at all times during your day, are to protect yourself. This includes:

  • Regularly washing your hands, 
  • Maintaining social distance, 
  • Not touching your face, including eyes and nose, 
  • Coughing into your elbow, 
  • Practising good and respectful personal hygiene.

Furthermore, it is important to stay informed and follow advice given by your healthcare provider. If you do note symptoms, such as a fever, cough and difficulty breathing, seek medical care immediately.

Besides, it’s important to adhere to your own country’s official government travel advices. The World Health Organization(WHO) also remains a reliable source for those concerned health and travel risk. 

So, what about travel? Do I need to cancel my travel plans? 

This really depends on each individual and personal situation. It’s important to take into account your age, any chronic medical illnesses, and whether you plan to visit a region where coronavirus is prevalent. 

Likewise, if you already have something booked, the best advice is to check with airlines, tour and insurance companies to ask for their advice and cancellation policies. Some airlines and tour companies are waiving ticket/tour change fees as well as booking conditions in order to make it easier for customers to reschedule their plans. Actually getting a refund really depends on what you booked and who you booked with.

Coronavirus empty airplane seats

It’s worth considering that continuing your travel plans really does have a positive impact on local businesses and vendors. Think of smaller hotels, travel companies and local family businesses that rely heavily on tourism for their income. Travelling in your own country, for example, might be one way you can still travel and have a great time.

bamba continues to monitor all official and reliable resources on the coronavirus outbreak. We have been in frequent contact with our travellers and partners, especially those in the affected areas.  Should you need further support, or have any questions remember we you can contact us HERE at all times. We are happy to help.