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Congratulations to ATCF Grant Winners

Bamba Experience joined the Adventure Travel Conservation Fund in early 2018 and have been donating percentage of our profits toward the conservation of natural and cultural resources worldwide. This year, we also participated in the voting process of their 2018 Funded Projects. A total of $80,000 USD was awared to four  winners who are focused on supporting responsible tourism and sustainable development in India, Mexico and Zimbabwe.

This past week the winners we’re officially announced, to include the following projects:

Water for Hwange

Helping to sustain vital water resources in Zimbabwe’s
largest National Park.

Sistemas Naturales y Desarrollo

Educating communities from single-use plastics in Baja California Sur in Mexico.

Snow Leopard Conservancy

Grass-roots measures to help local people protect endangered snow leopards in India.

Oaxaca Sea Turtle Conservation

Protecting unique natural & cultural resources along the Oaxaca coastline in Mexico

As a company we feel it’s important to support non-profit organizations, like The ATCF, whose objectives go hand in hand with Bamba‘s strong commitment of responsible and ethical travel worldwide. As a result, we hope to support projects that protect our planet’s cultural and natural resources.


Bamba for Good Manager, Katie Zellhoefer, states “It is our priority establish responsible practices in tourism regarding issues of sustainable development, waste management and wildlife conservation. It’s very important to us to help preserve the environment and its resources. We are constantly looking  for ways to support local cultures, businesses, historical sites and touristic infrastructures around the world.  As an active member of ATCF, we enjoy participating in impactful projects in the communities where clients travel. Our hope is to aid grass-roots projects with funding and resources to keep their efforts going. We also wish to set an example in the adventure travel industry, that other companies and organizations will follow.”


Adventure and outdoor organizations have an opportunity to come together as members of the ATCF to protect international travel destinations where we all love to explore, learn and play,” says Soraya Shattuck, ATCF Executive Director. “Without the conservation of these unique environments, cultures and communities, we risk losing the very experiences that we seek when we travel.”

Organizations that are both for-profit and non-profit which may include accommodations, tour operators, indigenous community or conservation groups are candidates to apply for ATCF funding. Visit the ATCF projects page website to learn how to apply for a grant and the criteria required.

Join Bamba Experience in supporting worldwide conservation in the travel industry alongside visionary companies by becoming a member of this committed fund. Visit today.