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9 City Nicknames From Around The World You Probably Didn’t Know

The nicknames of some of the world’s must-see cities are often far more informative than those cities’ official names – well, that’s probably half the reason the city nicknames evolve in the first place. But still, try to infer the full meaning of a nickname with no further information and you’re likely to come up with some unconvincing answers.

1. The Rose City- Camrose, Canada

The Rose City- Camrose, City Nicknames

Camrose is skiing country, not far out of Edmonton, and winter visitors may be forgiven for failing to see the sense in its floral nickname. When the snow clears, however, you’ll find parklands rich with roses and waterways. An environment truly deserving of its pretty nickname.

2. The City Of Wrestlers- Kolhapur, India

The City Of Wrestlers- Kolhapur, City Nicknames

The history of Kolhapur’s wrestling culture goes back centuries – and it certainly ain’t your WWF. These mud-covered, spiritually-inclined young athletes are in it for real, and they’ve got the cauliflower ears to prove it.

3. The City Of Goldfish- Yatomi, Japan

The City Of Goldfish- City Nicknames

At its peak, the number of goldfish produced by local industry was over 70 million per year. 70 million. That is why it is called the City of Goldfish.

4. The Windy City- Chicago, USA

The Windy City- Chicago, City Nicknames

While it’s certainly breezy around Lake Michigan way, it’s more likely that it was Chicago’s politicians – full of hot air – that earned the city its blustery epithet.

5. The City Of Lillies- Florence, Italy

The City Of Lillies- Florence, City Nicknames

You can see the lily of Florence on the city’s emblem – and the city’s association with this particular bloom may be traced back to flower festivals for the Roman Goddess Flora, over two millennia ago. One of the prettiest city nicknames out there!

6. The City Of Lights- Paris, France

The City Of Lights- Paris, City Nicknames

Some say Paris got its nickname due to its position at the forefront of the enlightenment. Others provide a seedier explanation: the 56,000 gas lamps installed on the streets to deal with a mid-nineteenth century crime-wave could be the source…

7. The City Of Eternal Fog- Curitiba, Brazil

The City Of Eternal Fog- Brazil, City Nicknames

Curitaba’s fog is certainly not eternal, but it is rather common. It makes for a moody city in which to mooch about – though there’s plenty to do there, and some rather breathable open spaces, too.

8. The End Of The World- Ushuaia, Argentina

The End Of The World- Argentina, City Nicknames

Located at 54 degrees south, Ushuaia is the southernmost city in the world. It’s pretty desolate, too (although well-worth a visit for the adventurous backpacker), giving its nickname a poignant double-meaning.

9. The Tavern’s Of The Sea- Cape Town, South Africa

The Tavern Of The Seas- Cape Town, City Nicknames

Since the 17th century and earlier, Cape Town has been a lively place for sailors and merchants to meet, trade, and relax however they would. Today, it’s a safer, more sophisticated place – but with all the warm welcome you would expect from that nickname.


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