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Discover Caño Cristales, One of the World’s Most Beautiful Rivers

Caño Cristales

 Colombia is home of one of the most beautiful rivers in the world, Caño Cristales

Translated to Crystal Spout in English, Caño Cristales is a small river which is also known as the “River of Five Colours” or “Liquid” Rainbow”. Referred to as the most beautiful river in the world due to the mesh of blue, green, yellow, black and red colours caused by the river weeds and algae which can only be found in this specific part of Colombia.
Besides the stunning colours, there are a series of waterfalls and natural pools that dot along the river. Late June to November sees the mosses and algae spectacularly bloom. The colours are the most amazing during the months of July to September inclusive.

Travel to Caño Cristales and enjoy refreshing and revitalizing baths under cascades of crystal clear water, colourful pools, the Santo Domingo hot spring and explore waterfalls and different water sources. Recharge your energies in a truly incredible natural environment!

Bamba Experience offers an amazing 7-day trip from Bogota to Caño Cristales and back including internal flights.

Discover Bogotá, the charming Colombian capital, and the spectacular Caño Cristales, on this amazing 7-day tour. Bike through the streets of the city and discover many hidden gems and the many graffiti, and then travel to La Macarena to discover the famous river of five colour, before returning back to Bogotá.

Note: This tour runs from June to November only, when the colours are the most amazing.