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Experience Machu Picchu with EcoCamps

The Salkantay trek to Machu Picchu is one for real nature lovers, as you will have little contact with civilisation. It’s considered very tough, too, since it requires many hours of uphill trekking. Still, you will get spectacular views along the way of snowy mountains and amazing landscapes such as rivers, lakes and forests.

After a long hike, you will definitely be looking for some comfortable rest. When embarking on the challenging Salkantay trek, your choice of a place to rest has just gotten that much more luxurious and sustainable. Now, you can choose to spend some of your nights in incredible eco-domes set in EcoCamps, an ecological yet extremely comfortable camping experience on your way to Machu Picchu!

One of the keys behind its sustainability – and why you should probably consider such accommodation – is that domes operate to reduce the environmental impact of those on the Salkantay route to an absolute minimum. There’s more to it, though, so read on below to find out all about the EcoCamp Experience.


First and foremost, eco-domes are set in camps which are powered by solar energy. Water turbine systems, in turn, allow for clean tap-water. This reduces the need and use of plastic bottles. Toilet waste is also reused, either by being filtered before going into the ground; or used as compost for reforestation after going through a biodegradable system. Furthermore, all eco camps are equipped with all the facilities needed for you on your trek. This results in much less of a wear down and less pollution along the route.


Luxurious Domes

All domes are fully equipped with a private bathroom and have comfortable sleeping arrangements, with either a king-size bed or 2 separate beds. There is a hydromassage shower in each bathroom. Eco-domes also have everything needed to keep you warm, including a wooden stove and blankets.

Besides the luxurious accommodation itself, all treks also include an extraordinary culinary experience. Tasty, typical Peruvian food, prepared with local, fresh and organic ingredients is served throughout.

Eco Dome


EcoCamps are strategically based along the Salkantay Trail, perfect to relax after a long day of trekking. All camps have incredible views of the peaks and surroundings, are full of beautiful grassy lawns and there are plenty of local flowers planted all over, creating a peaceful and quiet atmosphere. EcoCamps are also usually the only accommodation offered in the area, meaning you will not meet many other travellers during your stay.

In short, the new Salkantay Trek & Ecocamp Experience offers the same stunning views of the Salkantay and Humantay peaks, while journeying through the jungle and passing by thermal hot springs, with an incredibly sustainable and luxurious accommodation option along the way.

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