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Gen Z loves travelling and going solo

Those born between the mid-1990s to early-2000s, known as Gen Z, are well on their way to experiencing the world. The excitement to go out and explore is ever present. For example, did you know that a whopping 54% of these youngsters say the opportunity to travel for work is important when selecting a job?

A recent global research study by, with almost 22,000 respondents across 29 markets, reveals not only Gen Z’s travel plans, but also how these plans are linked to their general lifestyle and ambitions.


In terms of how Gen Z prioritises spending their money, travel repeatedly comes out on top. Travel -and experiences- ranked above expenditure on material items such as clothing, tech, as well as spa and beauty treatments. Overall, 65% of participants ranked ‘travel and seeing the world’ as most important when considering how they spend their money.

Gen Z Female Solo Traveller


Roughly 40% of Gen Z have already gone on trips with their family. They have done so as it allows them to travel and go on trips they would otherwise not have had the money for.

However, the study also shows that independence is a big priority for this young generation. In fact, one third prefer to be alone when they travel in general. It is no surprise, then, that over the next decade 34% of Gen Z plan to have travelled on their own at least once (36% women and 32% men). Almost 1 in 5 (18%) stated their intention for taking a solo backpacking trip/gap year.

Adventure Travel

Indeed, all numbers point towards Gen Z being massive travel enthusiasts. Over two thirds (69%) in fact already have a travel bucket list! Going global is part of this enthusiasm, too: almost 40% plan to have visited at least three different continents and 30% intend to have studied (or lived) in a different country over the next ten years.

More than half, 56%, are keen on future adventure experiences. Activities such as paragliding or bungee jumping as well as trekking to a remote -or extreme- locations are very popular among the demographic.

Gen Z Solo Traveller Hiking

Learning and giving back

Furthermore, self-discovery through travel was also deemed as important by Gen Z. While travelling, 33% hope to learn something new and 55% believe that they can learn more about themselves by discovering and exploring their own country. Almost 40% want to experience volunteering when travelling.

Sustainable tourism has not gone unnoticed either. More than half, 54%, take environmental impact on destinations into account when deciding where to travel. Once they have arrived at their destination, 60% try to use more environmentally friendly modes of transport.