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Ten ways how travelling alone can transform you

Travelling with friends and family is something most people enjoy. You visit beautiful places, create amazing memories and savor so many moments with the people you love. But have you ever considered travelling alone?

It is possible you would have heard many wise people telling you this – travelling solo changes you and your life, in the best possible way. Whatever the reason that gave you the push, once you do travel alone you will realize that it is indeed a turning point in your life. So, get ready with the essentials (you always need those), and head to the hills, mountains or the beaches.

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Again, travelling alone really changes you. It indeed makes you a better version of yourself in so many ways. Here’s how:

Being alone gets comfortable

The best way travelling alone transforms you is that you get comfortable with being on your own. At first, it is a little strange to have no one you know around you. But once you experience the peace and rich silence, it amazes you. This does not mean you stop enjoying the company of others, it simply means you start loving your own company as much as you should.

You meet new people

When you plan trips with your friends or family, you already have your gang by your side and it is great. Except for the fact that you would not care to meet new people or hear their stories. When you are traveling alone you meet new souls, you hear their stories, learn about places they have been to and you exchange experiences. Such an exchange of thoughts, perspective and adventure teaches you a lot of new things about life.

You discover your strength and weakness

While travelling alone, you face a lot of challenges during your trip and you deal with them on your own. You learn what qualities you have that make you good, and what are the parts of your personality that need to be improved. You explore yourself; get to know yourself better than you could have in familiar surroundings with familiar faces.

You don’t have excuses

A major change that traveling alone brings in you is that you learn to take the sole responsibility of your actions and choices. No one is forcing you to do anything, nor is anyone stopping you. It is your choice, wherever you go next, whatever you do or don’t do. You only have to please yourself, and do so on your own will.


Invest in yourself

If you are someone who puts others before themselves, from work to friends and family, travelling alone changes you a lot. Once in solitude, you finally see the way you were neglecting your own needs. You learn to invest in yourself, put your physical, emotional and mental well-being before everything else. You prioritize yourself and this does not go away once you return.

Disconnecting from technology

Solo travel puts you in a place where you are no longer interested in checking on the world. It happens on its own, where silence and peace are both so welcome, you kind of cut yourself off from social media and technology in general. You just want to enjoy what is right there in front of your eyes and be with yourself more.

Let go of fears and inhibitions

Travelling alone puts you in charge of everything, including yourself. You take chances you otherwise would not and this way you free yourself from the fears and inhibitions. It is exhilarating once you experience it, as you are no longer bound to your fears or perceptions of what you can or cannot do.

You become responsible and independent

When travelling alone you are in charge of everything – where the important documents are required, arranging your own accommodation, confirming bookings and almost everything in between. At the same time, you get a sense of independence, for there is no one you depend on but yourself. All these responsibilities while travelling alone can change you.

You learn to adapt

As you choose solo travelling, you step out of your comfort zone. You meet new people; visit unknown places and might even make new friends. While doing so, you learn to adapt to your surroundings and live the best of what you have.

You enjoy things you like

The best part of travelling alone is that your plans and trip no more depends on likes and dislikes of anyone else but you. You do things that please you, visit places that attract you and choose how you want to do it. You might like being in your hotel for the day doing nothing but reading a book. Or maybe you would like to try the delicacies on the street, whatever pleases your heart.

So the next time you feel the urge to take a solo trip, do not hold back. Pack your own bags and explore the world.

Author Bio: Jessica Smith is an avid reader who enjoys getting lost in the world of books. Holding on to her passion for fitness, she Believes that a healthy diet is a key to healthy living.

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