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Iquitos Amazon Jungle Adventure 3D/2N: A Journey into the Heart of the Amazon

Hello fellow adventurers! If you’re looking for an exhilarating escapade into the heart of the Amazon rainforest, the Iquitos Amazon Jungle Adventure is just the ticket. My friends and I recently embarked on a mesmerizing 3-day, 2-night journey through the lush and untamed beauty of the Amazon, and I can’t wait to share our unforgettable experience with you.

Day 1: Iquitos - Amazon Jungle

iquitos boat during dusk

Our adventure began bright and early as we arrived in Iquitos, brimming with excitement for what lay ahead. After a brief rendezvous at the office, we were whisked away to the port, where a 3-hour boat ride up the mighty Amazon River awaited us. The anticipation of the unknown was electrifying.

Upon reaching our lodge and indulging in a delicious lunch, we set off on the Leoncito Hike, a trail that led us through a cornucopia of vibrant flora. We tasted the healing waters of Uncaria tomentosa, marveled at the grandeur of the ceiba tree, and encountered the Amazon’s diverse monkey population, from the pigmy marmoset to the awe-inspiring howler monkey.

As the day drew to a close, we were treated to a breathtaking sunset over the forest, painting the sky in hues of gold and orange. To cap off the evening, a boat ride allowed us to glimpse the mysterious nocturnal creatures of the Amazon, including caimans and elusive night birds.

Day 2: Amazon Jungle, Peru

amazon jungle

Day two began with a delightful breakfast, setting the tone for another day of enchantment. A boat ride on the Amazon River offered a magical moment as we swam in the waters shared by the iconic pink and grey dolphins. The sight of the colossal Victoria Regia, the largest aquatic plant in the world, left us in awe.

After a savory lunch at the lodge, we ventured to lakes Purura and Corrientes for a fishing expedition, hoping to catch a glimpse of the renowned piranhas. As the sun set, we embarked on a night walk, encountering the fascinating creatures of the jungle, including tarantulas and frogs.

Day 3: Amazon Jungle - Iquitos, Peru

monkey in leaves iquitos forest

Our final day immersed us in the tranquility of the Amazon. A boat trip to Lake Sapote allowed us to witness an array of captivating bird species and even catch sight of the elusive sloths and monkeys. It was a mesmerizing finale to our Amazon adventure.

As we bid farewell to this majestic landscape after lunch, we embarked on our journey back to Iquitos, cherishing the memories and experiences gained from this remarkable adventure.

Final Word

The Iquitos Amazon Jungle Adventure 3D/2N was nothing short of extraordinary. It offered a kaleidoscope of natural wonders and exhilarating encounters with the diverse wildlife of the Amazon. If you’re seeking an adventure that combines the thrill of exploration with the beauty of nature, this expedition is a must-try. Our hearts are filled with gratitude for the opportunity to have immersed ourselves in the wild embrace of the Amazon.

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