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Skellig Michael, beehive cells and Small Skellig

Amazing Movie Locations Around the World You Can Actually Visit!

If you love to travel and you are a huge movie buff, why not combine your passions? You can actually visit the movie locations of some of your favourite films, and some of the destinations are truly breathtaking- so it’s a win, win! We’ve created a list filled with some of the most iconic movies of all time, and locations you might not have even know you could visit. I think it’s time to book that plane ticket- light, cameras, action!


Star Wars The Last Jedi: Skellig Island, Ireland

Skellig Michael, beehive cells and Small Skellig- movie locations

The force of tourism is truly with Ireland after the surge of visitors to this little island since the release of the latest instalment of the Star Wars franchise ‘The Last Jedi’. Lying 8 miles off the southwest coast of Ireland, this UNESCO heritage site was the unnamed home of Luke Skywalker during his exiled years. And with only an hour-long boat ride and PLENTY of ragged stairs to climb, you can channel the masterful Jedi!


The Shining Hotel: Oregon & Colorado, USA

Movie Location

The Overlook Hotel Movie Locations from The Shining

Who could forget the hair raising line as Jack Nicholson uttered the words “Here’s Johnny!” arguably one of the scariest scenes in movie history. Fans of the Stephen King iconic horror masterpiece ‘The Shining’ have two options when it comes to visiting famous locations tied to the movie. The film adaption of the book took place in Timberline Lodge in Oregon, now a National Historic Landmark that you can visit, or even stay at! Although, you run the risk of going INSANE!

 Inspiration Behind the Book

The Shining was inspired by The Stanley Hotel- movie locations

But, if you want to go where Stephen King’s book was inspired, then you need to head towards Colorado! The Stanley Hotel was the birthplace for the entire concept of the book, after Mr King and his wife stayed one night, and were the only guests in the entire hotel. “I got up, lit a cigarette, sat in a chair looking out the window at the Rockies, and by the time the cigarette was done, I had the bones of The Shining firmly set in my mind.”


Harry Potter: Fort William, Scotland

The Hogwarts Express, Scotland- Movie Locations

All aboard the Hogwarts Express! If you are a major Harry Potter nerd, then you can’t take a trip to Scotland without booking your seat on the train bound for Hogwarts. OK, you’re not actually going to Hogwarts, but it will definitely feel like it, as you travel on the Jacobite Steam Train soaking in the scenery from Fort William to Mallaig.


Ghostbusters Fire House: New York, USA

The Ghostbusters Firehouse, NYC- Movie Locations

Who you gonna call? This familiar firehouse from the cult classic Ghostbusters, where we have seen Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, and Harold Ramis join together to save New York City from paranormal activity, is still standing in Tribeca, NYC. It is possible to get tours of the inside of the station, but the Hook and Ladder firehouse is actually a fully functional station, so be mindful of the firemen when that alarm goes off!


Mamma Mia: Skopelos Island, Greece

Mamma Mia: Skopelos Island, Greece- Movie Locations

Mamma Mia was one of those movies, that really got your feet itching. The classic white washed buildings with splashes of blue surrounded by stunning views of turquoise waters, made us want to book our flights to Greece– stat! Take a trip to Skopelos Island and visit the chapel where Sophie and Skye almost got married, and bask in the breathtaking coastal views- don’t forget your Abba playlist!


The Rocky Steps: Philadelphia, USA

The Rocky Steps: Philadelphia, USA- Movie Locations

One of the greatest moments in cinematic history took place in Philadelphia. If you have been to this east coast city, and haven’t tried to run up the stairs of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, what were you even doing there? Follow in the footsteps of Rocky- make it to the top of the steps and raise those fists in the air! (And maybe grab a Philly Cheesesteak for all that hard work)


Star Wars A New Hope: Matmata, Tunisia

Star Wars A New Hope: Matmata, Tunisia- Movie Locations

Back to Star Wars movie locations again- but who’s complaining? The childhood home of Luke, arguably one of the most memorable location in the series, on the island of Tatooine isn’t in a galaxy far, far, away- it’s in Tunisia! And for only $10 dollars a night, you can actually spend the night in Skywalker’s room. The Lars homestead is a section of a hotel, built centuries ago and the exterior remains the same as it was in the movie, made in 1977!

Have you visited any of these famous movie locations? Let us know in the comments below!