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Smart Packing Tips For Smart Travellers


Whether you are going on holidays or travelling for work, it always better to travel light. From leaking lotions to paying extra fee for overweight luggage, there are many pitfalls of packing that could be easily avoided.

Here are some amazing tips that assures a smooth travel by helping you make the right moves to packing smart:

Travel light by packing light: Packing light is indispensable for anyone who keeps trotting around the world. Carrying less thing means you can hop on to your train or bus with ease. To make it more fun, you can carry more money and buy stuff on your way rather than carrying everything with you.

Make best use of suitcase space: Packing involves some wise thinking. Instead of folding your clothes, roll them. Use empty medicine box for cotton swabs and sponges etc. Make use of your shoes by stuffing them up with daily use products, socks or underwear. By following such simple methods you can capitalize on the available suitcase space.

Bags and more: These days bags have multi purpose usage but it depends on us how we choose to use them. Trash bags can be used to store shoes or laundry while packing. Likewise, you can put your accessories/jewellery in separate sandwich bags so that it doesn’t tangle up. Vacuum bags are also great space savers.

Organize cubically: Packing cubes can really simplify your packing and allow you to make the best use of space in your bag/suitcase. They come in wide variety and can be used to organize clothes, undergarments, toiletries etc. With their luggage friendliness and suitability they are perfect companions for long distance travellers.

Carry extension cords: Although you will find power plugs in most of the hotels but it is always better to carry multi-socket extension cord and universal adapters, especially when travelling to a foreign land. Carry this and charging your iPad, laptop, mobile while travelling will become less time consuming.

Carry sleep mask and ear plugs: Irrespective of whether you are in a flight, train or a hostel dormitory, these products come in handy at all times. While the eye mask is one of the simplest solution for sleep deprived eyes, the ear plugs comes to your rescue when you find it difficult to sleep to unfamiliar sounds.

Cover it up with Sarong or Shawl: This is an obvious one. Apart from wearing a sarong as a wrap around (for girls) you can use a sarong or shawl as a scarf around your neck. They can also be used as a light blanket to keep yourself cosy. In addition, it can save you from strong sun rays in hot countries or to cover up those uncovered skin areas while travelling to some religious sites.

Bring your own bite & avoid airport snacks: Long waiting time at the airport might lead to hunger pangs. Considering the high priced food at the airports, it’s best to bring your own food as it could help you stay healthy and save more money.

Share your bags: Getting all your stuff into one bag could be an issue for a couple. Hence, it is better to divide your clothes in two bags and share your packing space. It could save you from back pain of carrying one heavy luggage and in case one of the luggage gets lost in transit, you would still have something to wear.

Keep photocopies at home: This is the most important thing to do before setting out on your trip to a foreign destination. Always remember to keep photocopies of your travel documents, passport, credit cards and medical prescriptions etc as backup at home. Also, take a photograph or make a note of your luggage and it’s contents as you check-in.


Wise decisions in your home could pay big rewards on your journey!