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Top 6 Most Recommended Backpacker Travel Apps

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No matter where you go and what you do, apps are there to make the job easier. Living in the world obsessed with technology definitely has its perks and everyone can benefit from them, all they need to do is have a functional smartphone.

Travelers benefit immensely from apps, thanks to which it has become much easier to handle any and every part of traveling, no matter what the means of your travels are. Some prefer simply going on vacation to comfortable hotels on the beach where everything is in it’s place, while others prefer taking more risks and traveling off the grid. You’ve probably heard of people traveling the world by bicycle, motorcycle or even on foot that have proven that the world isn’t such a dangerous place as so many of us have come to believe.

We’ll focus our attention on the needs of backpackers, which can travel in every way, but they carry their home on their backs at all times. There are some travel apps that can be very useful for the backpackers, and we’ll talk about the six that caught our eye, thanks to their efficiency and accessibility.

1. Packing Pro


Your travel begins even before you’ve set foot out of your door. If you plan on being a backpacker (or have been one for a while), then you should know that packing will make or break your traveling. If you’re planning to travel for a longer period, then you must be certain you’ve packed everything that is crucial for your trip and Packing Pro can help you a lot. Thanks to its design and functionality, this app has gotten awards and you can be sure it’s for a very good reason. Packing Pro won’t only remind you of what you should take with you on your trip, it will also give suggestion based on your destination(s). In case you’re in doubt if you packed everything of relevance, you can always check the master catalogue that stores a list of over eight hundred miscellaneous items.

2. Flight Board


If you want access to practically any major airport on the planet, all you need to do is download Flight Board. You can choose from 4000 airports worldwide, as well as from over 1400 airlines to check the details of your upcoming flight. All things considered, this app is very much straightforward – once you open it, you get an interface that looks like a flight board that shows departures/arrivals of the airport you choose. It’s very easy to use and access and it will be a blessing of every backpacker, because you won’t have to check the website of a particular airport, but simply click on the app.

3. Around Me


With this app, you won’t have to roam around trying to find a good and an affordable place to eat, it will do the search for you. If you’ve just arrived to a new city and your backpack is getting heavier by the minute, you want to get to your accommodation as soon as possible and maybe see something interesting along the way. Around Me is an interactive map that enables you to easily find whatever you need as close to you as possible. You can search for anything, from streets to interesting sights and restaurants. One special perk we liked is that you get to see comments of people who visited that certain place you’re headed to, so that you know what to expect and if it’s worth visiting at all.

4. A Good VPN


What you should never neglect on your travels is your internet security. Chances are you’ll be using a lot of public networks wherever you go, and the truth is that they’re not very secure and often expose you to all kinds of privacy threats. Not only that, but in many countries there are restrictions of access on the internet, which means that just because something’s available in your country doesn’t necessarily mean it will be accessible everywhere. Using a virtual private connection can in one blow get you rid of all these difficulties, and it will keep your location hidden as well. There are some more and less good VPN providers you can look into before you start your journey, so approach the matter diligently. A strong VPN will keep you safe and allow you access any internet content you want without complications and restrictions.



There are many useful maps out there in different app stores, but very few of them have proven their efficiency offline like did. If you’re going on a hiking trip, you can’t expect to get a Wi-Fi signal to navigate your digital map, which is where this app comes to play. It will allow you to download a map of an entire country you’re travelling to, so that you can use it at any time you need it, whether you’ve got internet connection or not.

6. XE Currency


Currency exchange can be tricky business and you need to know what you’re dealing with when entering a new country. XE Currency is a very reliable app that will help you calculate just what is the exchange rate in the country. If you need to know just how much something costs in the currency of your country, you can do it in a heartbeat with this app, you don’t even need internet connection for it.

Backpacking is fun and can be very low budget if you plan everything well and know what to do in any situation you find yourself. However, when we’re on the road, we need all the help we can get, and this is where the apps jump in to save the day.