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Top Travel Trends for 2020

After our list of top adventure destinations for the new year, we now shift our focus to the top travel trends of 2020. What do we all want to get out of our holidays and what travel behaviour is gaining popularity?

Going and staying local

The fastest growing trend is that we increasingly want to make contact with local people in the places we visit. This behaviour has impacted the entire travel industry. Before, travellers were looking at sleeping in local people’s homes, for example, by using AirBnb. The going local trend now goes beyond simply that. Travellers are now also interested cycling trips, yoga sessions, street art tours, market visits and cooking classes with someone local. Understandably, there has been an influx of online platforms and apps that offer this in some way or form.

The trend all comes down to an increased demand and interest for really connecting and getting to know another culture. This gives us a feeling of absorbing, taking-in and learning from others, instead of just seeing everything on the surface.

Foodie Experience

In line with this, another prominent trend is found in food tourism. Especially tasting local food and drink are popular. How everyone actually goes about their foodie experience, though, is varied. While some prefer a city escape with a food tour in order to taste a bit of everything, others may prefer a cooking workshop or a visit to a ranch or farm, in order to learn about how local produce and ingredients are made.

Many of these activities take visitors to locations that are less touristy. At the same time, it also allows for them to interact with the local population. Activities like a local family dinner, often as part of a day tour, actually hive participants the opportunity to learn first-hand about culinary history and traditions. An added bonus is practicing some of the local language they may have learned along their trip!

Avoiding mass tourism

Adventure travellers are known to always look for new places and stay away from mass tourism destinations. This trend will only become ever more important. The number of searches for trips to the Middle East and Central America continue to increase. Searches hereby indicate people want to know what places are safe and what the public transport is like. Also important is if there are any visa requirements, or other travel limitations.

When it comes to city trips, for example, the growth in visitor numbers can be seen mainly in smaller cities. Experienced travellers have often already visited an array of capitals, making secondary cities very appealing. They are often also much more affordable. The trend of going to relatively unknown cities or areas that are easily accessible will surely grow.

Sustainable travel

A final, important trend is the increased interest in sustainable travel options. The impact of social media has created a more critical attitude towards flying, especially for short-haul trips. Some travellers are now consciously choosing for travel by train, which not only is more environmentally-friendly than flying, but it also takes away much of the hassle. No need for hours in advance at the airport and no more waiting for your suitcase. Similarly, most train stations are located much closer to passengers’ destinations than airports, often saving an extra commute upon arrival.

Sustainable accommodation options are also increasingly important to travellers. Spending nights in EcoCamps on treks to Machu Picchu is a prime example of a shifting offer towards sustainability on adventure trips.

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