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Where to Travel in November

Taking a vacation means different things to many people. Some want to see a new place that for decades they have dreamed of visiting. Others want to go to an exotic destination where they can see a new culture. Others just want to sit on a beach and relax for a week. Whatever your preference, there is a destination for almost any purpose. Right between summer and winter, November is a great month to go travelling. As an extra incentive, travellers can often find great deals during this period.

Here are some of the best places where to travel to in November:

Tropical Vacations

Volcano in Costa Rica

Explore the Caribbean. It is located in between North America, South and Central. Widely fitted with small islands, the Caribbean is a popular destination for visitors from around the world. November is an excellent month to explore the region. There are some chance of hurricanes at that time, but the peak season during the months of August and September has passed. Travellers who wish to visit this region probably won’t face tropical storms as it is the end of the rainy season. November is in between two high seasons; prices for hotel rooms and all-inclusive resorts can be doubled from December 1. The pleasant climate of the area can be a welcomed relief for those who live in areas where the autumnal glory of October mutated into grey nudity.

Paris Escape


Paris is the capital and largest city of France. The city is full of all kinds of attractions. Travellers can visit world famous museums and restaurants, or simply walk through the charming streets of a city that has been widely admired for centuries. November is an excellent time to visit one of the world capitals of fashion, literature, cuisine and art. Paris has an oceanic climate, which means that temperatures are often moderate throughout the year. The highest on average during November temperatures reach 10 degrees Celsius, and the lowest are not usually under 4.4 degrees Celsius. Some nearby attractions such as the Palace of Versailles, have large outdoor areas. Taking a walk through the gardens of Versailles can be even more enjoyable if you do not have to face extreme heat or freezing rain. Other attractions such as the Louvre and the Musee d’Orsay, can be a lovely refuge from the occasional cold November day.

Explore Thailand

thailand beach maya bay koh phi phi

Thailand is an Asian country located between Burma, Cambodia, Laos and Malaysia. Visitors will find beautiful beaches and a unique cuisine, as well as sites of cultural and religious sites such as the temple complex at Khao Phra Viharn and the Isan area, home to prehistoric artefacts and statues. November is a great time to visit Thailand, as it marks the beginning of the dry season when the heavy rains of the rainy season finish. Also moisture decreases, making outdoor travel very pleasant. November also marks the end of the typhoon season, minimising the chances that visitors should cancel trips due to stormy weather.

Source: ehow

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