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7 Thoughts You Will Definitely Have Before Your First Backpacking Trip

You’ve done it! You have finally booked that dream trip you’ve spent months, if not years fantasising about. You’ve all but forgotten about your responsibilities at home as you start the official countdown until you wave goodbye to ordinary life, and a big hello to adventure! But now the panic and nerves set in, and you have a million and one questions filling up your mind (don’t worry we’ve all been there) Let us ease your mind with some answers to these questions.

1. I Can’t Carry A Backpack For My Entire Trip!

Using a backpack is one of the best things you can do while travelling- travel & backpacking

Maybe I should just take a suitcase? NO! Stop that thought right there! It may seem daunting lugging around a whole trips worth of belongings on your back, but it can be done. The trick is to only bring a small backpack (50 litres max) that you can use as hand luggage and more importantly, can’t be over packed with things you don’t need.


2. I Don’t Have Room For Everything I Need!

Only pack what you need- travel & backpacking

Learning the fine art of packing comes with experience and a lot of bad decisions on previous travelling trips. But if you want to avoid this rite of passage, the simple tip is to pack your bag with everything you think you need, and then take out half. For more tips check out our post on backpacking tips for travelling light.


3. Do I Really Need To Stay In A Hostel?

Experience the fun of staying in a hostel- travel & backpacking

We get it, why should you share a room with 18 strangers? And the reason is really simple: because it’s outrageously fun! Getting out of your comfort zone is what travelling is all about and meeting friends in your hostel is the best way to go on unexpected adventures and make incredible travel stories with new and interesting people. And sometimes the best stories are about the most ‘interesting’ places you stayed in.


4. Do I have Enough Money?

Saving for your travel adventures can be tricky! travel & backpacking

The question on everyone’s lips. If you are smart and savvy with your purchases and eat locally then the answer is usually yes! But, if you have journeyed to Asia and decide to eat Western food every night, then you’re money will run out very quickly. Don’t be afraid to indulge in the local cultures and food- your wallet, and your belly will thank you for it!


5. I Don’t Need Travel Insurance

Don't leave home without your travel insurance- travel & backpacking

YES YOU DO!! It doesn’t matter how careful you are, anything can happen when you’re backpacking and as they say: it’s better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it. Splurge on the extra £70 and give yourself the ultimate piece of mind.


6. I Definitely Don’t Need Any Vaccinations

Don't leave home without your vaccinations- travel & backpacking

Another one of those thoughts you definitely need to ignore. Check in with your doctor and find out exactly what vaccinations you shouldn’t be leaving home without for the countries you’re visiting. Your health is your wealth, so take the right precautions to ensure your time abroad is not only fun but also safe.


7. Maybe Travel Isn’t For Me- Can I Still Cancel?

Get lost in adventure- travel & backpacking

It’s completely normal to get nervous about heading into the unknown and leaving friends and family behind. But nothing worth doing comes without a fire in your belly, an appetite for adventure and bucket loads of courage! Travelling will truly be one of the best choices you ever make, and the only serious warning we can give you is: you may never stop!

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