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5 Breathtaking Places In The Philippines To Visit Before You Die

The Philippines is really a majestic, and underappreciated location that you need to visit while it’s still off the tourist track. From bustling mega-cities to pristine tropical beaches, the Philippines has something for everyone. Here are just a few of the amazing things you can’t miss when you travel to the Philippines:

1. Palawan

The Philippines- Palawan

Experience an unforgettable island-hopping experience in this archipelago of around 1780 islands. Each island offers its own unique but equally breathtaking scenery. You can also catch a local underground river tour, which is absolutely an adventure that you need to experience.


2. Cebu & Bohol

The Philippines- Cebu

Part of what makes this area so incredible, more than the incredible nature, is the huge number of basilicas, shrines, forts, and temples to the local culture. This area is also home to the famous Chocolate Hills, an incredible unique, man-made forest that everyone who travels here needs to see. There is no shortage of beauty here.


3. Puerto Princesa & El Nido

The Philippines- Puerto Princesa & El Nido

This is really one of the best locations that you can visit if you love adventures in the outdoors, open water, and beaches. Here you will find no shortage of things to discover, from underground rivers to some of the most stunning beaches that you will ever see. Go snorkeling or just sunbathe on the sand.


4. Tagaytay & Pagsanjan

The Philippines- Pagsanjan

You will be overcome with awe when you discover the stunning nature and culture of this area. Take a canoe trip to the stunning falls, pass through traditional villages, and go visit the entertainment district to get a taste of the fascinating local nightlife.


5. Ifugao

The Philippines- Ifugao

Ifugao’s emerald rice terraces are a truly breathtaking sight. Nearby there are small villages, fortresses, historical landmarks and even places for open-air concerts that you can enjoy. Don’t miss the local light and sound theater, Luneta Park, and Rizal Park. The walled city known as “Intramuros” is also a place that you must see while you are here.

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