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6 Reasons Why You NEED to Visit Ireland in Your Lifetime

Nestled away in northwest Europe, Ireland is a picturesque island with something to offer every kind of traveller. More than just leprechauns and potatoes (who knew?) The Emerald Isle is home to some of the most stunning landscapes in the world, that are just screaming to be explored! Here are some of the reasons you can’t miss visiting at least once in your lifetime!

The Ring of Kerry

The Ring of Kerry- Ireland

Ireland is an amazing destination for a roadtrip, mainly because of the jaw-dropping scenery you will encounter as you pass from one county to the next. The Ring of Kerry on the Southwest Peninsula, is a 124 mile drive of classic Irish countryside, dramatic mountain passes, medieval ruins and stretches of  golden sand beaches. Need we say more?


The History

The Falls Road, Belfast- Ireland

Ireland has a rich, long history that is both fascinating, and tragic. Known as ‘The Troubles’ thousands of civillian’s lost their lives in rebellions against British Rule in a political war, which eventually led to the independence of Southern Ireland. Take a tour of Kilmainham Geol or wander down the Shankill and Falls Road in Belfast to see the iconic murals and really soak in what happened there, not too long ago.


The Cliffs of Moher

The Cliffs of Moher- Ireland

Encounter nature in its purest, and wildest form. Bringing in over a million visitors each year, the Cliffs of Moher is one of the top attractions in Ireland. Facing the Atlantic Ocean, walk along the rugged limestone cliffs and take in the awe-inspiring beauty of Ireland’s western coastline.



Guinness, Dublin- Ireland

There’s nothing the Irish appreciate more than a perfectly poured pint of the black stuff. One of Ireland’s most famous exports, and one of the best selling beers in the world, you can’t visit Ireland without a sneaky visit to the Guinness storehouse in Dublin. See how it’s made, learn to pour the perfect pint and taste the black magic while taking in the views of the city.


The Trails

Cuilcagh Mountain, Fermanagh- Ireland

Strap on your walking boots and take a 5-7 hour trek through the Cuilcagh Mountains in Fermanagh. One of the most unique and stunning walks you’ll find anywhere in the world. Follow the wooden trail all the way to the summit of Cuilcagh mountain for breathtaking views of untouched countryside and Lough Atona.


The People

Irish people- Ireland

It’s not unusual for people from all over the world to claim any little bit of Irish ancestry they can muster, and there’s a very good reason! Well known for their jolly demeanor and amazing sense of humor, you will find your home away from home among the generosity and kindness of spirit, of the Irish people.

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