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Best Ways for Students to Travel Without Spending Much Money

We are well aware that students’ schedules can be busy and that the budgets can be too tight. However, do you know a lot of students who considered these circumstances as an obstacle to travel? We are here to facilitate this issue for you. These tips will probably prove that the question “How can I travel cheap?” has heaps of answers.

Choose Close Destinations

Often, breaking up a routine does not mean going to the other side of the world. Maybe your heart will be satisfied with neighboring provinces, states, and so on. There are dozens of little-known places that deserve a detour. People from different places of one country are unique in their own way and it is always fascinating to see how life flows on the opposite side of the country. For instance, if you live and want to travel around Canada these examples of road trips are all not too far away:

  1. Tadoussac, 5.5 hours from Montreal (472 km), to go see the whales.
  2. Amqui, 6.5 hours from Montreal (640 km), for mountain biking and camping.
  3. Percé, 10.5 hours from Montreal (975km), for the Percé Rock, all the landscapes that come with it and the many hikes to do in the area.
  4. Lake Ontario and its many beaches, between 4 hours and 8 hours from Montreal depending on the beach (380km-750km).

Be Flexible in Choosing Your Date and Destination

Going to Hawaii in high season and with bought-ahead tickets is a rip-off for a student budget. To pay less, or even save up to 50%, choose low seasons and fish for flights, literally. Monitor ticket availability because with this method there is a possibility to find a cheap ticket that departs soon. Be ready to pack all your suitcases, put off plans, ask a neighbour to look after your cat, and go to see the world.

To illustrate, Central and South America are not per se hot destinations during the summer months. What is more, you could consider subletting your students’ apartment while being away in order to cover quite a bite of the cost. We recommend you not only check Google Flights, but also browse on Skyscanner or Kayak .

By the way, if you have stumbled upon a nice chance to book a cheap ticket and have a paper to write, you can always let specialised writing services do it for you! Choose a reliable writer and use a writing service platform like Best Writers Online and Online Writers Rating.

Choose Accommodation Wisely

First of all, hostels are the best choices for those who don’t want to overpay. Even in expensive European countries, hostels are a great option. Twelve backpackers in a beautiful little dormitory: it is a great opportunity to have a nice cozy evening with strangers, who can share their experiences and funny life stories. This is also how you avoid feeling lost in an unknown county – by making connections and communicating. A good start to find such a place is on Hostelworld.

By the way, don’t forget about the old and well-known Couchsurfing. Don’t mind sleeping on a couch and be treated with an amazing breakfast? Anyway, just check the app and fish for locals who are ready to give you their spare bedroom. Undeniably, it is a brilliant possibility to plunge into the county’s day-to-day life. Having said this, the drawbacks are obvious: it can be quite difficult to find someone available on the dates you need and the guesthouses can be far from tourist spots. If you come across a good fit, it can be a culturally rewarding experience. Remember to read the feedback on each host to make sure that you two are compatible.

Sleeping in a tent can also be quite adventurous. In highly-developed countries with a soft climate, there could be even special areas organised for renting and setting your tent. Also find out whether it is even legal to sleep on the public beach, for example, in a tent. Otherwise, you will have an unwanted visit to the police office and might have to pay a fine.

Choose Local Meals

To save money on a daily basis while travelling, you must either cook your own food yourself (which can sometimes be quite difficult if you are in a country where there is no grocery store and you don’t really want to buy the local lady’s chicken, which has been drying outside for hours) or you eat in small restaurants that might look shady but are always the best.

You absolutely aught to avoid anything that may resemble something American. If there are lattes or cappuccinos on the menu, you’re going to pay the full price. Instead, look for the little restaurants where the employees often don’t even speak English and where you have to rely on the photos on the menu to place your order. Eating local is one of the best ways to save and make great, tasty discoveries. Pro-tip for the good of your stomach! Always take Probaclac about two weeks before going on a trip.

Choose the Cheapest Transportation Possible

Forget about the taxi and renting your own car. For as little as $ 0.50, you can take a bus for a full day in Asia or South America. While not always comfortable, as well as a couple of scary moments during the journey, it really is part of the adventure.

How can I travel for free? On foot, of course. Don’t hesitate to take longer trips on foot or take a bus for further destinations, which do not change a lot in countries like India. Otherwise, the option to rent a scooter can be quite fun and friendly on students’ budgets, if you know how to drive one and you have access to a helmet!

Take Your Student Card

It may seem strange to you because you have to say to yourself “why does this guy who speaks just Vietnamese give me a discount with my student card that he doesn’t even understand?”. But in most cases, be assured that it works! For example, you may see the Taj Mahal, the national parks, or the temples of Borobudur in Indonesia and pay up to 50% less. Sometimes discounts for students are even more, simply by presenting your student card!

The Absolutely Best Answer on How to Travel For Free

Basically, these methods demand you to study, be productive and socially active. However, these are students’ obligations you probably already follow. If you’re looking for more ideas to travel without going broke, read up on our post 5 ways to travel in Indonesia while on a budget.

It is not a problem if you prefer to dedicate time to gaining work experience but still want to travel. If you don’t feel ready yet, gain that valuable work experience and prove yourself to be a truly responsible and purposeful person first!


Travelling is one of the best ideas to realise when you are still young and have plenty of space for fresh and truly mesmerising memories. Use this opportunity, take risks, work hard, and do not be fearful of asking local foreign people for help.

Guest post written by: Aaron Swain