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Brazil Carnival: What You Need To Know

The best of Rio Carnival, the biggest party in the world!

With over two million people pouring out into the streets each day of the festival to samba and celebrate with lavish parades, boisterous balls at local nightclubs, and 24-hour block parties, Rio Carnival holidays are home to the biggest street party in the world.

Famously colourful, opulent, and over-the-top, Rio de Janeiro is known for its unparalleled energy year-round. During Carnival, the city’s fun and frenetic atmosphere explodes to another level with incredible costumes, elaborate floats, vibrant music, all-night dancing, and 4 days of unmatched mirth and mischief.


The centre of this famous celebration is the Sambadrome, a 70,000 seat arena that hosts extravagant daily parades by all of the city’s “Samba Schools” or dance groups. Each school chooses a theme and creates elaborate costumes and lavish floats to dance on as they make their way through the Sambadrome in their moment of glory.


The party is not limited to the Sambadrome, however. The entire city is filled with festivities throughout Carnival, with live music everywhere in the streets, block parties all over town, lots of barbecue and open-air parties in the bustling Lapa neighborhood, casual dancing, food, and drink at Samba Land, and balls in nightclubs all over Rio from nightfall until sunrise.


You can take part in this unique experience yourself by simply walking the bustling streets and watching the grandiose parades, or you can take your Carnival experience to the next level by enrolling in a Samba School to dance your way through the parade and the world-famous Sambadrome, a once-in-a-lifetime experience in the spotlight that you’ll never forget.

Whether you want to be a bystander or shine in a Samba School, now is the time to book! There are still spaces available for the greatest party of your lifetime.

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