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Discovering Tayrona National Natural Park

A woman walking on to a beach in Tayrona National ParkThe blue Atlantic bathes some of the most beautiful Colombian coast north-east from Santa Marta. Large white rocks rise amid the waters breaking the horizon, or turning into magical paths in search of traces of the ancient inhabitants of these places, which today make up one of the largest natural reserves of the country: the Tayrona National Natural Park.

Bays, beaches, mangroves, coral reefs, fish, shellfish and seaweed share this fascinating place with hills, forests, bushes, more than 100 species of mammals, 200 species of birds, 50 species of reptiles. The large variety of flora and fauna is possible thanks to the 15 thousand hectares declared national park in 1964 (12000 terrestrial and 3000 marine belt), extending from sea level up to 900 meters, allowing the existence of different land and sea ecosystems.

A monkey in Tayrona National Park

The park has been home of civilizations that inhabited the area for many years. As you adventure through it, you will find some archaeological ruins that tell the story of the Tayronas, one of the most interesting pre-Hispanic cultures of Colombia. Thus, the Tayrona National Park also has an archaeological museum that lets visitors learn about its history.

Grass huts at the tayrona museum

Being the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta located on the Atlantic coast and receiving the influence of the Caribbean, the culture is determined by the joy and kindness of its people. People here are characterized by their uncomplicated and always attentive attitude. They like dancing and live proud of the cultural resources of their region. Rhythms like cumbia, porro, vallenato and bullerengue, have been around the world and are a symbol of national joy.  As for the population throughout the coast, a particular fusion of races is given. Whites, mestizos and Afro assemble the human landscape. Likewise, in the Sierra Nevada and its foothills remain intact some indigenous reservations that inherited the legacy of cultures like the Tayrona. In the highlands settle essentially three communities: the Arhuaco, Kogi and Arzario. The first are the most prevalent and organized group. They have their capital in Nabusimake, a village located behind the mountains in the department of Cesar. The Kogi are located in Lost City, one of the most amazing places in the Colombian history and geography.

People relaxing on a beach in Tayrona NP

The park is ideal for many activities. If you like diving, horseback riding, camping, history, sunbathing and swimming, the Tayrona Park is the ideal place for you. No tourist will be disappointed when visiting this beautiful area of Colombia.

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