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Experience Life Without Experiencing Bankruptcy…with FundMyTravel

Do you want to travel but can’t because of financial restraints? Not to worry because Bamba Experience has partnered with FundMyTravel. FundMyTravel is a crowdfunding platform specific for people who want or need to raise money for their travels, allowing you to travel the world for free or for a lot less money. 

Excited traveller in new destination with the help of FundMyTravel

Why Choose FundMyTravel?

This platform makes it easy to get your travel plans fully funded or at the very least partially funded. Not only that but they make it easy to setup your profile and funding page! It’s the hassle-free crowdfunding platform for your trips!

Easy as 1, 2, 3 – Steps for Successful FundMyTravel Campaign

1. Create Your Campaign – Tell the world your story, create a description, add photos and videos, and link up your campaign to your very own payment processor.
2. Spread the Word – Connect and share your campaign to your social media networks, post frequently, and provide updates of your progress.
3. Get Funded – Keep track of who is donating, check your funding goal progress, and follow up with major donors with cool incentives and prizes.

FundMyTravel Campaigns

The best part about FundMyTravel is that you can add meaning to your worldly adventures, and tell everyone why you need their help to raise money for your trip overseas. Make a positive impact within the community you are exploring and get to know the local people. You can do anything from helping protect turtles in Costa Rica, empowering women in India or lending a helping hand in an orphanage in Sri Lanka. These are all possible through our Voluntour programs! You can also fundraise for any and all Bamba trips, so the world is your Oyster! 

With this great new partnership, the whole world is yours to explore! Where will you travel next?